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The end of my November and beginning of my December has been filled with many movies. Sadly not too many Christmas movies, as Barcelona and Europeans themselves aren’t as cheesy and cheery as me for the holiday season. In America, it’s in our blood. It’s like we’re bred from birth to spend every waking moment oozing with Christmas spirit. Like every season, I should be spending my time in front of the 25 Days of Christmas, but instead I’m over here watching Chewing Gum on Netflix and random interviews of Amy Schumer. I’ve got three Frenchies in the kitchen eating odd things like pasta and ham chunks, then cordon bleu with ketchup and mayonnaise, then cheese pasta-casserole. I know I don’t know I thing about cuisine, nor do I dare doubt their knowledge of gastronomy (a major French foul), so I’m over here with my mouth shut – mainly because I’m stuffing it with yet another bowl of cereal and stracciatella bits, a favorite from the other month, which got me thinking…oh right, I should probably write up my favorites from November.

This bed and this Thai Latex Pillow

When Jo and I stayed in Bangkok, we rented a cheap (although it looked super expensive) AirBNB with one obviously bigger and better bedroom, and then another one that was smaller. We flipped a coin, I won the toss, and I took the bigger room for the first night. The panoramic, floor-to-ceiling view couldn’t be beat, but the bed…could. The second night I stayed in the smaller room and had my best sleep of not just November, not just Fall, not just the second half of the year, but of the entire twelve months of 2016. I slept so well that I even told Jo we didn’t have to flip a coin for who was going to get the bigger and better bedroom for the third (and last) night. Like a maniac, I pulled out the pillow from its case, flipped it around looking for the label, and squinted my eyes at 6 point font to read what kind of pillow it was. Here is the pillow of my dreams, everyone – and it is waiting for me at my mother’s house for Christmas – as one of my Christmas presents to myself.

Link | Thai Latex Pillow

These travel bracelets

Travel Bracelets

Nothing says touristy Thailand backpacker more than a wrist full of multicolored thread bracelets, and here I am, first in line. I used to make these bracelets back in middle school, tying the strings to my coffee table in front of Fear Factor and weaving away for hours and getting frustrated when I tied a knot too firmly or softly – I’m sure someone out there understands the struggle. If these bracelets are truly hand-made in Thailand, hm, I don’t know if I’m doing a service by helping them out by buying/supporting them or am I contributing to the demand of something that requires a lot of physical and mental labor? Sorry, did I just make this 10x less sexy?

Phillips Body Groomer

Man, you can tell we’re gettin’ super personal when one of my favorites from November is a body groomer. TMI, much. It’s waterproof, wireless, and also works for being your own hairstylist. How you think I been savin’ all this money to travel all this time? While shaping up my haircut this morning, I realized it’s something so many people could use – as well as an unorthodox way to save some extra cash for another trip.

Link | Phillips Norelco Bodygroom Series

Adventure German [App]
Abenteuer Himmelsscheibe German Deutsch App

Do you come here often?

As I’m writing these words, I have three “walkthrough” Google searches on how to get to the next level – maybe my German level is simply lacking or maybe I’m just not the most talented at cracking mysteries. The app is an interactive adventure game in English and German that challenges your German to get to the next “mission” more or less by talking to people, collecting items, and moving around to different places. Some one please tell me what I’m supposed to do after talking to the blonde woman in the hotel restaurant, which doesn’t have ingredients for her desert? I’m seriously stuck over here. Maybe I need a better German tutor.

Link | Abenteuer: Himmelsscheibe

Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate

Reading myself type this almost makes me want to gag, but I swear you’ll be lookin’ like a Victoria Secret’s model every morning after applying. This is the bougiest product I’ve ever bought and I nearly shed a tear while swiping my credit card (at least I get travel points?). Once you realize that your skin is something you and everyone around you sees every day, it starts to make more sense to invest in your skin care rather than clothes that you wear once every so often.

Link | Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate


What were some things you discovered this month that I/We/Other readers should look into?

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