Introducing: The Shut Up and Go Card Game

The Shut Up and Go Card Game is finally, finally, FINALLY here. Yes, after all these years, we’ve (finally) created our own lil’ game of adventure perfect for anyone, anywhere, anytime – whether you’re seeing a city for the first time, or even visiting a city you’ve been to a thousand times. Each card sets you off on an adventure in a second, which means that no matter how many times you play, no experience can ever be the same.
  1. Pick a card
  2. Shut Up and Go!

  • 5 categories to choose from
  • 52 adventure starters
  • Unlimited ways to Shut Up and Go
  • Play alone, or with friends
  • Ages 10+
  • Size of a playing card deck
  • This game is designed to create travel memories even if you haven’t left your own back yard. The travel bug never sleeps.


  • Idea
  • Travel
  • Mobile
  • Culture
  • People

Get yours here! 

IG: @shutupandgo
IG: @shutupandgo

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