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Besides the fact that I really can’t stand the summer heat, this month of June has been one of the best Junes I’ve had in years – I went to Brazil for the first time where I fell even more in love with açai, I experienced my second Vidcon where I feel like I met hundreds of new friends, I’m enrolling in French classes again and power yoga classes – I mean, even my screaming neighbors here in LA moved out. June 2016 and I are really getting along, and part of that is aided by the fact that I’ve discovered a lot of new little things this month as well. Things like:

Indian Healing Clay

Indian Healing Clay, Reviewed

Clay masks may seem like a thing from a 90s chick flick, but I kid you not, your skin will feel like baby’s bottom right after. Key word: after. Any mask I’ve ever done (kale masks, volcanic ash masks, etc.) will feel like a globbedly gook on your skin, but this one takes it to the next level in the way that it’ll dry up like the Sahara desert, then make you feel like you have approximately five million wrinkles and cracking skin, but the minute you take it off, boom. Skin as smooth as a Swede.

Link | Indian Healing Clay App, Reviewed
Ok, why did I just now find out about this app? For someone who was in show choir for four years, it’s like this app was made for us Outstanding Performers who can hit a beat. No, but for real, what may seem like just fourteen year olds lip singing (cuz that’s about 80% of the app), is actually a fun and addicting new social media that we just started adopting (@damonandjo). It’s an app where you make your own music videos. Watch, TRL is about to come back…

Link | App

Havaianas White Flip Flops

White Havaiianas, Reviewed

This is not even a joke right now. I was trying to link up a sunga (aka a Brazilian speedo) that I was convinced by the employees of Havaianas store in Rio de Janeiro to buy, but I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so I’m “settling” with solely promoting the White Havaianas flip flops. I spent my childhood wearing cheapos from Old Navy, which are t-o-t-a-l-l-y-f-i-n-e, but when you put on a pair of Havaianas, the game has forever changed.

Link | Havaianas White Flip Flops

Laptop Privacy Screen

Macbook privacy filter, reviewed
So this was a new addition to my very mobile “home office.” You know those times you’re in a coffee shop, and trying to get work done, but your screen is exposed to everyone? For me, it’s not like I’m doing anything bad, but still, do I want everyone waiting in line to get their morning latte to see me editing my exaggerated facial expressions for our next YouTube video? Not so much. This privacy screen is awesome for that reason – it makes it harder for others to see your screen unless they’re directly in front of it.

Link | Laptop Privacy Screen

What were some things you discovered this month that I/We/Other Readers should look into?

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