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Miami. Honestly, it was never a city that screamed to me. Never a city I felt like I must visit before I die. Never a city I heard that much about. Yet guess who just got back from a four-day work vacation in none other than Miami? Lil’ ol me.
Miami, for me, was both surprising and at the same time, not at all. The people of Miami’s South Beach, really are exotic-looking, beautiful, and if described as a food, would legit be chili peppers, or if an object, fireworks. You know how sometime you spend your Sundays just watching early 2000s RnB music videos with like Fat Joe, or JLO, or…Sisqo? Ok, just me? Well now you have that visual for your next trip to Miami. Yeah, Miami, to me, is just like the music videos (Down 4 U, to be specific). The girls are smiling and wearing thongs and sarongs, and the men, well they just look like nicely-moisturized ballers. Still trying to figure that one out since personally I spent 105% of my time in Miami sweating my ass off.
What people know of Miami is South Beach – a remote island where most of the hotels are located, as well as most of the “tourist attractions,” and nightlife destinations. It’s a must-visit. Because of the Art-Déco style of all the buildings, the island of South Beach feels like a Disney Village. And I ain’t mad about it. South Beach is in fact the largest concentration of Art Déco buildings from the 20s and 30s in the world, mainly because it was around that time that the island grew in popularity.
Then you have the other note-worthy Miami neighborhoods like Little Havana and Wynwood, which I really don’t know why I’m mentioning since I barely have any photos of either.
Little Havana is the closest thing Americans could get to anything-Cuba. Walk down Calle Ocho, eat at El Exquisito (we ate lunch and our total for 2 people came to $15), and go salsa dancing at Ball & Chain. Uber over to Wynwood – the hipster neighborhood centered around industrial buildings, where you’ll find coffee shops, independent shops, and the best part of all: murals and street art, everywhere. After traveling the world and seeing the hipster neighborhoods in each city, nothing, and I’m telling you nothing compares to Wynwood’s art. Literally every street in the neighborhood is decked out with street murals and quotes spray-painted on the sidewalks. We stopped in Warby Parker Miami and sipped on iced coffees from Panther Coffee.
Miami was everything and nothing that I expected. It’s a city where English truly feels like a second language, where you feel like you’re in Europe, Latin America, and the United States at the same time, and where, honestly, you sweat your ass off all day long. Enjoy!
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Where did you go in Miami?

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