How to Get Drunk in Taipei, Taiwan



When your weekend starts with the question: “Where should we get drunk tonight?” You kinda have to evaluate your life and life choices. Jokes – whether or not you like to drink is none of my business, EXCEPT when it comes to drinking in Taipei. Going out in Taiwan’s capital can be a lil’ pricey, but who says you can’t have fun on a budget? Whether you’re feeling Scroogey or bougie (wow, that was bad), here’s how to get drunk in Taipei for every type of budget.

7/11 bar culture so strong, they have a beer bar.
finding a 7/11 that has their own beer bar, feat. my friend Mary

How to Get Drunk in Taipei: on a budget.

Backpacker, student, or maybe you just had an irresponsible month with your paycheck, what are your options when money is limited?

First, 7/11. It’s the drunk person’s equivalent of “pick a card, any card”, the world is your oyster when it comes to getting drunk from convenience store beers. For chill vibes, take your beers to Da’an Park or the riverside. For something a little more bustling, head to Maji Square. (Don’t worry, free toilets are nearby for similarly small bladdered people). If you’re looking to mingle, you can also scope out Taipei’s number of tiny street-side bars.

  • Pipe – riverside music venue with some outdoor bars and mosquitoes. 
  • Eastside – tiny street bar with an izakaya next door and loads of Taiwanese sk8r bois.
  • Revolver – foreigner famous, only redeeming quality – it’s near the best, braised pork rice shop! 

How to Get Drunk in Taipei: when you don’t wanna go out-out. 

So you wanna get drunk in a semi-sophisticated manner, but you still want to be a responsible adult? Do it the Taiwanese way and get drunk with delicious food (熱炒 re2chao3). Order a bunch of food, grab drinks, friends, and get wasted. One of the cutest 熱炒 places I’ve ever been to is 阿才的店. Alternatively, skip the food and grab drinks at a cute and reasonably priced bar – happy hour is your friend (typically before 9pm, weekdays). 

  • The Shrine – hipster place for mid-week drinks, weekends get pretty packed.
  • Cafe Dalida – lush decor, great for people watching and a cute catch-up.
  • Zhangmen Brewing – wallet-friendly, drink-with-a-view in the Xinyi district.

How to Get Drunk in Taipei when you’re feeling Bougie AF.

Alright, lemme preface this by saying I’m not at that point in life where I can actually ball out on drinks without a guilty conscience, so don’t come at me if these aren’t impressing. But at 450NTD+ (£10, $14 €13), this feels pretty bourgeois to me. For moments when your treat-yo’self energy is strong, you can bar hop from custom cocktails at Ounce taking yourself all the way to booking a table at KOR*. (Disclaimer: a goal I’ve yet to reach). 

  • FRANK – still salty about the time I shelled out for a cocktail and they served it in a plastic Starbuck’s-eqsue cup. Ok, I get you wanna be kitschy, but noOOOoo. Nice views of 101 though.
  • Hanko 60 – not so secret, speakeasy, but love the old-school cinema theme.
  • Oopsy Daisy Garden – bar design is GORGEOUS, good place to blast your bougie lifestyle on socials.

Now comes that point in the night, wait, article, where my mum-mode kicks in and I tell you to drink responsibly and text me when you get home safe xx. 

How do you get drunk in your country?

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