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Now, you may know that I talk the talk about alcohol and getting messy, but what I always forget about is how terrible EVERY hangover is. Not to mention, how much more emphasized a bad hangover can be abroad, especially when you have a 10 am checkout the day of.

SOMEHOW I resent the reason I booked a trip for the heat when I can’t escape it the day after a big night. 

drunk on a school night = bad idea

If you don’t drink, you’re already winning the game. And if you drink and don’t get hangovers, well you’re not drinking enough. Or you’re sensible and better than me. Unconfirmed. 

I swear it used to be fun, enjoying a Mcdonalds the day after and being able to get on with your day as usual. Now Mcdonalds tastes offensive to me (when they provide nice veggie options , I’ll retract my statement). It’s not the same as it used to be, back in the old days… 


Here I’ve supplied my tried and tested and bested method for tolerating a hangover whilst abroad, and in general really. 


I told Ben it would be okay to go to Parc Guell even though he was feeling poorly. I might've been wrong.

First and most important tip of all: what I wholeheartedly, politely recommend is: Don’t stay in all day. Even if you’re violently sick at Parc Guell then at least it’ll be a funnier story than being accidentally being sick in your Airbnb bed and paying extra cleaning fees. Trust me. 


The before (and during)

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    Find your happy drunk and stop there – who knew that this is possible? Find the perfect in-between of wanna-go-home kind of sober and unable-to-walk-home kind of drunk. 

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    Drink water intermittently – Once I went to a New Year’s Party with a terrible cold and cough (I WONDER WHY?). In one hand, I had honey and lemon water and in another rum and coke. The next morning my voice was fine.

    What’s more, the water stops you from getting so dehydrated which is one of the main reasons we get shocking hangovers. 

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    Food is actually good. Eat carbs before you go to bed but just the right amount to settle your tummy but not wake it up. A slice of bread is an easy option. Save the takeaway food for the hangover. 

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    Get that Vit C – I recently got into taking vitamin C tablets after I get in from a party. It’s a little dissolvable tablet that you can add to your water and get all those nutrients you’re likely lacking. I swear by them. You can grab them in most supermarkets too. Pick them up when you’re buying too much booze beforehand. Paracetamol and aspirin could also be sneaked into your bag too, hmmmmm. 

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    Sleep! Eventually – Sure, you’ve likely had an eventful night. Maybe, you’ve met someone super cute and have been ‘texting’ them after you’ve met. Exciting! But get some rest, your body needs it. 

Hungover at The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona and my friend decides to joke- propose... everyone clapped...

Hopefully your night was everything you needed and more. Dancing, hilarious stories and cheap drinks but every night must come to an end. After

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    Sleep as much as you can. Don’t sleep the day away. But don’t wanna be that groggy one struggling to get to the top of a mountain, either. Get a few hours, at least. Be nice to your body! 


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    Food food food! Don’t be afraid to eat lots of calories. You weren’t worried about it when knocking down those wines* or vodka cokes. Enjoy the delicious food of the country you’re visiting. If you’re in England, you’ll be lucky. English food is basically hangover food.

    *My friend once had a ‘Rebel Whopper’ (Vegan Dream) every day he was in Barcelona when visiting me. Guess what? He never once got hungover.

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    Go Outside – Sleep is good but often you may think you can’t face the beauty of the city when you’ve been such a downright… mess?


    I’ve been there and especially if it’s your last full day in Budapest, but trust me, you’ll regret missing the tourist attractions when your more sensible friends are showing you cool pictures they took. At 7pm, when you’ve finally recovered. Just risk it. You’ll get distracted and forget all about the headache. 

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    Spend time with good friends – Everyone might be a lil moody, sleepy and not into the holiday as they would be after a good night’s sleep. But these are the moments when memories are made. Discuss the night before, in a funny and not shameful way. “HAHAHA you were so embarrassing last night” is not what anyone needs to add to a headache. It’s not nice to hear.

    “You were so hilarious last night, I love you,” however, is never discouraged. 

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    And probably repeat the whole drinking till you can’t remember thing, and read this again, a little too late. 

So there you have it, my hangover cures for the everyday traveling lost soul.

In January, the month of resolutions, there are a ton of social media influencers going for Dry January. I’m even doing it, sort of. There’s quite a bit of demonizing of alcohol. It’s not so good for you, I’ll admit. But some surely, exceptional times are had if you’re happy, healthy and safe whilst drinking.

I truly don’t think there’s a problem with un vaso de sangria on a Summer night catching up with friends who you love.

If you’re drinking to avoid issues, that’s not wise. Whereas avoiding drinking to avoid issues, proud of you.

Drink carefully. And don’t forget my hard-earned advice to deal with that rotten hangover you may have mañana.

no idea.
What are some of your hangover cures?

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