How I Saved Money Online Shopping to Use Towards Flights

I’m an Egyptian, and if you know anything about Egypt or Egyptians, you know everything is



(For us at least).

And you know we’re all about saving money to spend it on the good stuff (AKA Travel).

So if I want to buy an American Eagle sweater, it might just be cheaper for me to fly to the US, buy it in its original price and come back, than to buy it here. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. But, as a traveler who goes to the US sometimes once a year, I’ve mastered the art of mass shopping for all my needs there and barely buying anything here in Egypt so I could save some 💰.

So I’m gonna give you my best (free) discount Hacks for shopping (some of these only apply in North America, and some are global 5 Hacks to Save $ Shopping

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    UNIDAYS (US, UK, and some other countries)

    This site is GOLD! You do have to be a student in one of their countries (meaning you have to have a .edu email) but you could also share with your fellow students! I have a UK account (courtesy of my friend studying in Brighton) and a US account (courtesy of that one online class I took in the US). They have great discount codes and offers for so many sites you usually shop on like ASOS, F21, etc.

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    Honey (Global-ish)

    This is a plug-in you download for your browser that automatically searches for discounts whenever you’re on an online store, it tests out all the codes the website could possibly have and tells you the best deal they could give you. Even if they don’t find a code, they give you credit (which you could then redeem for a cash prize!) I’ve tested this out and use it on the daily and it worrrks!

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    This is great if you’re not in a rush like I am with a limited time in one country. You could tag that bag you’ve been eyeing for a while to get notified when it goes on sale or goes back in stock. It’s kinda like a flight tracker (but cheaper).

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    I’m sure whenever you go on an Online store it asks you to sign up to their email newsletter. Now, I know nobody likes 100 daily spam emails in their inbox – but most of these sites give you a unique 10-15% off code when you sign up for their newsletter! don’t miss it.

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    Good Ol’ Google

    Finally, you just gotta try googling “X store discount/promo code”. 80% of the time it’s a miss, but sometimes you find that hidden gem, you just gotta try!

Those are my 5 ways to save a lil’ dough while getting your shopping on. Who said we can’t have nice things? We can, just for a little % discount.

Do you have more money-saving hacks? Please share them with us in the comments below! I gotta save more money.

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