How I Found My Boo and New Travel Buddy During My Adventures

The Netherlands

This post was contributed by Sonia.

Two weeks after I graduated from high school, I packed a few items into my 50L backpack and booked a one-way flight ticket to Amsterdam. I had no plan, not enough money – just a huge desire to finally start living my own life.

For the first couple of nights, I was staying in a cheap-a$$ hostel, right at the end of a pretty busy street. By day, I was looking for a job and an apartment. By night, I was exploring my new city.

My way home was packed with clubs and restaurants, tons of party people and loud music, making my attempt to reach my dorm impossible. On top of that, the very last bar seemed exclusively for Italian people and, somehow, they were always able to drag me in for a beer.

Which turned in two.

And three.

And more.

One night, somebody invited me to a birthday party. I had no idea what was happening, but there I was, with five other people and, obviously, a beer in front of me. Among this group, there was another Italian guy. He had long dreadlocks just like me, and we started talking about travels.

He was traveling Europe on his own, backpacking from one country to another, sleeping in hostels and making new friends. I could feel a good vibe, and powerful energy between us, so I shared my story with him, and we kept on talking all night.

We talked so much that we completely lost the group. I can vaguely remember they were talking about a drum ‘n’ base party, or maybe they were going home… What I know is that at around 3 am, this guy and I were still talking, swapping stories and finally swapping contacts.

The next day he had to catch a train and I had a job interview, so we said goodbye and parted separate ways. We wanted to keep in contact, but I was sure I’d never see him again.

Well, I was wrong.

One year later, he was packing some clothes in his backpack and buying a one-way ticket to Amsterdam.

Two years later, we both booked a one-way ticket to Australia.

Three years later – well, we haven’t gotten that far, but you better believe we’ll be booking something together!

All I can say is:

If he’s booking tickets with you, he must be the one.

Meet Sonia: Sonia is an Italian travel blogger & content creator. She is passionate about slow & authentic travels, where she can deeply connect with local people and have a better understanding of their culture, traditions, and environment. While traveling to unique destinations, Sonia aims to connect with Deaf people and raise awareness about Sign language and Deaf Community. You can follow Sonia’s adventure & travels on IG and SilenTravel.

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