An Unexpected Trip to The Hollywood Reservoir


Jo, does this look familiar?” I ask. “Yep, just keep going straight” she responds, as we trek higher and higher into the steep, winding streets of the Hollywood Hills. Now this wasn’t our first rodeo up to the Hollywood Sign; we’ve caught glimpses from hikes in Runyon Canyon and from taking a public bus for 50 cents to the Sign itself – but ever since Jo’s family came to visit a few weeks ago, she hasn’t stopped talking about how great the view of the the Hollywood Sign is from Lake Hollywood. With my mom being in town and all, I thought what better time than to go check it out.
You’d think that having Jo in the car throughout the entire trip from my mom’s hotel to the Hollywood Sign that she would recognize when something doesn’t look right, but then we have to factor in the fact that Jo has never been the best with orientation, which explains why after multiple turns on the tiny streets, we arrive and realize, this was not the place Jo had been.
Turns out, according to Google Maps, Lake Hollywood and Hollywood Reservoir are not the same thing. Oh well, even better; now we know yet another awesome Hollywood Sign vantage point. Here’s our trip to the Hollywood Reservoir, which again, is not the same thing as the Lake Hollywood.

Jo examining the waters


Another fine selfie in front of the Hollywood Sign


Really trying to camp here 


Do you think I trust these dingy white fences? Go slow people.


Do you know of another awesome view of the Hollywood Sign?

Have you ever been to the Hollywood Reservoir?

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