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We all have dreams of Shutting Up and Going for weeks and months on end – but that’s not always possible. With jobs and university and everything else you got going on, you don’t have all the time in the world to see each place you’re visiting! SO, it was my first time in London and I only had TWO FULL DAYS. IKR? crazy. And I wanted to see it allll… Thankfully I had amazing friends in the city who were able to take me on a crazy ridiculous tour where I was able to go to every spot that I ever heard of in London in the very limited time I had there. There were so many spots that I had to check my Google Maps history (did you know that exists? It’s helpful but hella creepy) to remember it all. Here are my best tips for a crazy London time. I know it may look a tad unrealistic, but it can be done. I arrived in London on a Sunday night and flew out early Wednesday morning – but I had a great time and saw all the must-dos of London. YOU CAN TOO!

Let’s just say this is how my first day in London looked.

ps. remember; sleep isn't really necessary when you only have two days to Shut Up And Go. Here's How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Two Days in London! Day 1

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    Covent Garden – Breakfast

    Start your day with this great spot for breakfast and one of London’s most aesthetic modern areas with shopping areas and entertainment.

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    Then, head to Parliament where you’re likely to see some kind of Brexit-related drama. Whether or not you’re interested in Euro-British politics, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

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    London Eye & Westminster Bridge

    Another London classic. I was too much of a weeny to get on the London Eye but it’s a great view of the city so I’d recommend (I guess). But if you want to see an awesome view of the London Eye and London itself, walk the Westminster Bridge.

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    Buckingham Palace

    There isn’t really anything specifically mind-blowing about this place other than the beautiful architecture, but it’s one of those places you just gotta go in London.

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    Ask Italian – Lunch

    This is the kind of restaurant you go to after walking for miles on end to finally have something to eat. It’s nice enough so that you can sit comfortably and have a nice cheesy pizza for a bit, but affordable enough for your wallet that’s being drained by London’s luxury.

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    Hyde Park

    Digest your pizza as you walk through beautiful Hyde Park – it’s serene and meditative at any time of the year, but make sure you’re warm enough for the winter.

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    Marble Arch

    If you’re a shopper, you can find a bunch of good signature London shopping destinations at Marble Arch. Marks and Spencer is a favorite for me. If anything, just get a bunch of souvenirs for friends and family!

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    The Ned

    I went out with a friend who suggested this place, and upon entering I assumed I was gonna have to pay at least 30 Pounds for a decent meal, from the luxurious gold decor to the live jazz and the fact that it’s within a hotel. But, looking at the menu, I found so many good options for under 10 Pounds – highly recommend this place for a lovely night out for a good cost.

With a friend, and some granola bars for sustenance, you can definitely have the most fun two days in London – and take so many pictures that’ll convince you you were there for weeks!

an opportunity to walk through a more modern London Day 2

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    Sky Garden – Breakfast

    OK – I know what you’re thinking, this place looks super expensive, and I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t very cheap. But, here’s the cheapest way to see London from a bird’s eye view if that’s your thing: Book an early morning breakfast online, go there and order the cheapest breakfast on the menu. You’ll get in fast, and you’ll have all the time you want to wander the roof, take all the pictures you want and see London from a vantage point no one else sees. If you think about it, it’s cheaper than the Empire State Building, and you actually get food in return for your $$.

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    This is a lovely homey neighborhood to walk around and maybe buy a thing or two. You can grab a smoothie at Joe & the Juice – a London staple, or if you’re like me, snag a pair of TOMS shoes on a 50% off sale.

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    Oxford Street

    This is the 5th avenue of London, and your wallet might just start crying seeing the brand names, but it’s a London must-see and a great location for photos.

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    Camden Town

    I thought it was a bit of an over-rated market, but the town area is great and full of street art.


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    There’s a ton of great food in Chinatown, and a lot of great Chinese decorations and stores. You can walk through the area right through Leicester square.

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    Piccadilly Circus

    Again with the New York comparisons, this is the Times Square of London (I just can’t help it). I won’t lie to you, there’s nothing special about this area, you won’t really find yourself coming back to it, but it’s another great London must-do.

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    Selfridges Food Hall

    For your final dinner in the city, give yourself all the options at the Selfridges food hall. There’s a lot of food varieties and my favorite dessert – MOCHI! If you’ve never tries Mochi, you must have it in London. It’s a ball of sweet smooth frozen goodness.

The great thing about London is that transportation is super easy. Even just being on the double decker bus is an entertaining activity, because you get to see the city on another level! Then there’s obviously the tube, which is super easy to navigate. So, doing London in only a couple of days isn’t too hard if you have the energy and are excited enough to just keep moving. Although I’m sure there’s a million things to do in London that will keep you there for months, or even years – if you’re cramped on time, you can still have a lot of fun and see everything you want to see!

Have fun. Oh, and tip: buy blister bandaids, you’ll need them.

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