Here Are Some African Safaris To Check Out for First-Timers


There is no doubt that African countries offer some of the most exceptional safari experiences in the world. However, it can be daunting to decide which country provides the best introduction to wildlife. To help first-timers make this difficult decision, here is a quick country-by-country overview. 

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Botswana offers one of the most exceptional experiences for first-time travelers. Although it can be a little expensive, it offers low-impact luxurious safaris as opposed to the mass-market ones in most destinations. The government not only placed extremely strict anti-poaching and conservation policies (yay!) but it also typically allows only 2 to 3 safari camps on tens of thousands of acres.

Tourists get an unparalleled level of exclusivity, high-quality sightings, and more freedom to get the most out of their trip. The travelers can even go off by themselves to witness the adorable animals and stunning landscape. 



It offers both luxury and affordable packages, making it easier for more people to visit. Each park homes the Big Five and many other majestic animals. Tanzania is very famous among most tourists because it offers much more than just a safari. Travelers can witness the migration of millions of herbivorous animals in the Serengeti, see the largest population of African elephants in the Tarangire, while also enjoying other things like hiking the highest African summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and relaxing on the beautiful beaches on the Zanzibar islands. With all these activities and the ease of obtaining a Tanzania Visa, it is truly an all-in-one vacation destination.



Just like every other country on this list, Rwanda also has a unique quality that attracts countless visitors every year. People from all parts of the world visit the country to track different primates. Volcanoes National Park, famous for tracking gorillas, and Nyungwe National Park, for chimps, are often regarded as the top safari spots in the country. Tourists can also find many other animals in Akagera National Park, including lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffaloes. After all the trekking, travelers often head to Lake Kivu for a day or two to relax and unload before heading back home.

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South Africa 

Kruger Park is the biggest animal-loving attraction in the South Africa, with nearly a million visitors every year. There is vast biodiversity of wildlife, including the Big Five and around 200 species of mammals. Game viewing activities are also huge crowd-pleasers. People usually visit South Africa because it has many other things to offer as well, like visiting wineries and roaming the streets of Cape Town.



Mostly famous for the beautiful Victoria Falls, visitors in Zambia can also get the most adventurous safari experience. There are many small camps, often run by families, that provide exceptionally guided tours of the area at a very affordable rate. The reason why Zambia is different from most is that the expeditions are usually done on foot. Tourists can visit the Luangwa, Lower Zambezi, and Kafue National Park to see a wide variety of animals, take part in many water activities, and go for game watching any time of the day. 


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