Going Natural: Savin’ Your Coins on Natural Hair Products

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First things first: Natural Hair is expensive. Wait, scratch that, Black Hair products and styles are expensive, PERIOD. The amount of money I’ve spent on natural hair alone in 2018 is absolutely tragic. I’m a college student with limited funds, what more could I expect? I find myself browsing the natural hair isle with envy for $12.99+ products that I know I can’t afford. Girl. And don’t get me started on deciphering between either purchasing the $12.99 Hair Lotion Bottle or $16.99 Deep Conditioner. I’m always in the isle like: Should I spill some beans for a deep conditioner or leave my hair high n’ dry for another week? It’s always a dilemma.

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From detangling, to moisturizing, to buying products – it’s a hassle to save coins for natural hair. But that’s the commitment we have to make the moment we leave behind the curling irons, perms, and toxic hair products. It’s all about savin’ them coins and making sure your hair is flourishing. That’s why Broke Raph is here: to guide you on your natural hair journey while on the go. 

Let’s take a look at some alternatives to save your coins this month:

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    Shop Online

    I believe that shopping online is the same as shopping in person for natural hair products. Whether you’re at the beauty supply or not, you won’t know how your hair will react to a product until you try it. Not to mention you can find deals online that can’t be found in certain stores.

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    Shop With Your Own Knowledge of Products for Your Hair Type

    Knowing your hair type and porosity is vital when shopping for products. Who wants to spend $12+ on a hair product that actually doesn’t work for their hair type? Not I. Plus, I’ve been down that road way too many times. For example, since I have 4C hair and low porosity, I tend to steer away from light products such as creams and focus more on heavy products such as oils and Shea butter that’ll hold more moisture in my hair.

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    Shop for Bundles Instead of Buying One Product off a Line

    The Black hair community is expensive and to be quite real: primarily not black-owned. Yes, the Black hair community is a multi-billion dollar industry run by Asian companies. If you want a breakdown of the Black hair community industry, watch the documentary “Good Hair” produced and directed by Chris Rock as a guide to the complexity of the industry. Instead of spilling beans to buy 1 or 2 products off a particular line, spill your beans on the whole line. Spend those $70 dollars on the whole line, instead of just one product because you’ll be missing out on specific moisturizing the line offers.

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    Travel Sized Products are Great Testers!

    Although travel-sized products can be a hit or miss, they’re perfect for experimenting! I usually go for travel-sized deep conditioners just to test out the results of my hair. If it doesn’t end up working for my hair – see ya! At least I avoided spilling 12 beans on a product.

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    Read Product Reviews

    Product reviews are perfect for validation of any product. Before I approach the cashier or my shopping cart online, I like to look at the ratings for certain products. It’s an effective way to decipher whether a product is worth buying or not. Youtube is another efficient way to receive consumer reviews without spending a dime before your next trip!

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    When in Doubt, DIY

    DIY is perfect for budget-naturals like myself. Whenever I’ve run out of time to go to the beauty supply store or money for online shopping, I resort to searching my cabinets for natural items to create the ultimate hair moisturizer. From apple cider vinegar, to essential oils, black soap, and even eggs and ‘lil bit of avocado, creating a DIY leave-in or natural cleanser has always been my go-to when in doubt. Youtube has become a platform I continuously use to discover new recipes for my curly mane.

I find myself browsing the natural hair isle with envy for $12.99+ products that I know I can’t afford.

Yaassss, natural hair on fleek!

All in all, being natural costs dollas but who really has the coins to buy every single product? Next thing ya know, your hair will be clogged with product residue and we don’t need that stress.

What’s your cheap natural hair alternative?

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