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Gifts Under $15 for any Travel Diva

Travel Diva

/ˈtravəl dēvə/

  1. a person who travels often, and when they travel they pull off looking fabulous, well rested, and refreshed despite being the exact opposite.
  2. someone who looks and acts particularly fierce while traveling

The key to mastering the art of being a travel diva is having key items in your bag to help you improvise in any situation. Traveling may be rough on your skin, hair, and body, and even mind, but you don’t have to let it show ;). For the holidays, spoil your favorite travel diva; which can absolutely mean you boo, with any of these items below, or make a goodie bag with things that they’ll actually use (unlike the other 99.9% of goodie bags filled with crap most people just throw out).

Travel Size Body Butter

Price: $12.00

Body butter is the universal fixer upper, much like coconut oil below. The reason? Depending which kind you get, body butter is like a triple threat; it helps you smell fresh, prevent chafage (key word: #chubrub), and keeps your skin glowing. 4 Oz. will be enough to get you hooked and make it a staple in your travel bag.

Cerave AM SPF Face Lotion

Price: $12.00

If you’re running around the world without applying SPF, you’re just not winning. And no, I don’t mean that you need to splatter your face with a thick coat of “Banana Boat” sunblock that’ll make you look and feel like a lifeguard on duty. A face lotion with SPF 30 will do the trick to keep your skin healthy. CeraVe is perfect because of it’s small size, and non-greasy finish.

Portable Travel Mirror + Tweezers

Price: $9.99

Portable mirrors are good for more than just the vein reason of prepping for a selfie. While getting ready in hostel bathrooms, you’ll find that there’s most likely a massive line for the 7am, 8am, and 9am slots. To avoid waiting to do makeup, tweeze, or check for eye crust, save time and use your own nifty mirror that stands on it’s own, this one even comes with diva lights!

Selfie Stick

Price: $8.50

I think it’s safe to say that Selfie Sticks have upgraded from being the underdog dweeb of travel accessories to becoming one of the most frequently used travel gadgets. This is especially important for a travel diva who will take solo trips frequently, and might need to snap photos from more than just an arms distance.

Travel Sized Coconut Oil

Price: $6.50

Chapped lips? Dry scalp? Tangled hair? Ashy skin? Dark circles? Makeup remover? Split ends? Bland food? Only a few reasons to have a travel size container of coconut oil on your person at all times.

Foldable Flats

Price: $6.50

We all like to go out and look fierce, what we don’t like is coming back limping because the shoes you used raped our feet. To avoid ruining memorable nights out due to foot pain, pack these bad boys in your bag and you’ll always be prepped for a shoe swapparoo.

Portable Cell Phone Charger

Price: $9.99

This little gadget will save you from having your phone die right before the most breathtaking scene happens and you need to snap a picture, or share to social media. Best part is that it’s tiny, rechargeable, and cheap!

A Scratchable Map

Price: $7.99

Gifting a travel diva with a scratch off map is fool proof. What better way to remind yourself how huge the world is to physically scratch off every city and country you’ve been to?

File and Fly

Price: $12.50

This is one of those gifts that my mother got me that I thought would be utterly pointless, but after traveling for one month straight in Europe and accumulating receipts, ticket stubs, and foreign currency, this little guy became my best friend. It’s a nifty little filer to keep you organized amidst all the travel commotion.

Passport Protector

Price: $2.50

If you just wanna keep your passport from getting damaged, and keep the mystery alive so other travelers won’t know where you’re from, get a nifty little passport protector.


Price: $10.99

Cause if these won’t have you feeling like Queen Bey on a world tour, I really don’t know what will. Except you’ll be showering in train station bathrooms and eating bread and cheese everyday. Still fierce though. 

Foldable Water Bottle with Clip

Price: $10.99

Gotta stay hydrated, and pack as light as possible, which is what makes this water bottle is PERFECT. You can squeeze it inside a day bag if empty, or clip it onto a carry on for when you’re on the move.


Price: $7.50

Who knew traveling made your eyes so frickin’ dry, red, and irritated? Not to mention those rare times when you arrive in a country that randomly gives you allergies. It happens, and when the itchiness strikes, you’ll be ready to look fresh with white eyes with some eye drops.

All Purpose Wipes

Price: $4.50

Trust me, carrying wipeys is never a bad idea. Especially when backpacking. #Stankbegone.

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