How to get from LAX to Santa Monica for $1


Gone are the days when you are stranded at LAX and in need of taking a taxi up the 405. Ha, yeah right. Nowadays, you have options. You’ve got a Culver City bus, the Metro green line, and the Big Blue Bus (yes, that’s its real name) – of course, it all depends where you’re going. If you’re staying on the West Side, near Santa Monica or Venice, taking the Big Blue Bus is your best bet. Here’s how you get from LAX to Santa Monica for $1 – a broke b!tch special.

Follow the signs to Ground Transportation and then to LAX Shuttle Airline Connections


It’ll probably look like thisLAX-palm-trees

Wait for LAX Parking Lot Shuttle C

Depending on your location, the ride should only take a few minutes (max: 10 minutes) .


Get off at W96th Street. You’ll be facing a fence that looks like this. Turn right.

W96th Street should actually be the first stop. You’ll leave the last LAX terminal, loop around, and make a quick turn onto W96th, where the bus driver may or may not announce that “this is where you get off for the LAX Transit Center.”


You’ll walk 20 seconds and see these signs. Keep walking.


After a minute of walking, you’ll see the “LAX Transit Center” (also called the “LAX City Bus Center”)


Walk to Bay 12


Wait for the Big Blue Bus 3 or 3R (the 3 rapid)

The 3 will cost $1 and will stop more often; whereas the 3 Rapid will be express, but will cost $2. They’ll both hit the same route, so I always take the first one that arrives. Keep in mind that you must have exact change; the driver will not give you change for a $5 or $10, etc, so get them dollas beforehand!

LAX-big-blue-busThe bus ride will take anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour. I would recommend getting off at 4th Street and Broadway or 4th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard, which will be closest to the Santa Monica you’re most likely visiting (Third Street Promenade, the Pier, etc.)


You just made it from LAX to Santa Monica for $1

**This route also works in the opposite way. You can take the Big Blue Bus 3 or 3 Rapid to LAX.

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