6 Ways to go From Pessimist to Positive

Think about the past ten minutes of your life, have you complained? Many go through life with a pessimist attitude, and wonder why they’re miserable 95% of the time. It’s pretty simple, they haven’t tapped into the root of the solution to all things, which is having a new outlook on all the shit that goes wrong. The answer is simple: staying positive.

Let’s break down the word complain: plain jane’s complain. We’re trying to be extraordinary, and put normal in a box so far deep in the closet that we forget what’s inside it.

It’s been three months since I’ve started seeing reality a little differently thanks to the bullet. I’ve been accumulating notes on my notepad somewhere between lost poems, and funny moments that I can’t help but jot down, that I wanted to share with you all. I stumbled upon a list of things I’ve overheard people say that made me do a double take, from the level of absurdity, but how often I’ve heard these things be said in the past.

Maybe we’re just too lenient with the words that exit our mouths. It seems as though we assume they hold as much weight as the breath that transfers them into the atmosphere. But a phrase has the power to drown you and those around you.

As a verbal person, I’m on a mission to actively be aware of what I say. It’s a daily challenge, meaningless words slip through the moments of small talk and catch up conversations. But like most things, the first step to saying what you mean, and meaning what you say, is becoming aware of what your behavior is. It’s important to check yourself to make sure you’re putting energy out into the world you genuinely want out there.

All of the things mentioned below, are real sentences that came out of random peoples’ mouths. Some were so bothersome that I decided to come up with options for ways to flip those thoughts. If even, just for myself, because again, being aware of our pessimistic verbal diarrhea is the first step to converting it to positive thinking.

pessimist to positive

Pessimist: I’m sooooo tired, I can’t wait for the day to be over. (Said by a man as he’s pushing my wheelchair through the airport five days after I had been shot)

Positive: Be thankful that your legs do what your body says, and that you have the ability to exert energy on a day-to-day basis. What a phenomenon.


Pessimist: Holy shit, it’s hot, I’m dying. (Said by tourists on an exotic excursion in the middle of Thailand)

Positive : Appreciate the wonder that your skin can feel weather, and how much better a little breeze feels when you’re dripping sweat.


Pessimist: I’m so broke, and have no money. (Said by most of my artist friends)

Positive: You have a brain and body capable of coming up with a solution to make more money. And plus, now you have the internet. If you can’t google a way to make money, you’re just not working smart. Plus, you don’t need money to hug, kiss, and laugh your ass off – most of the best things in life are free.


pessimist to positive

Pessimist: I have an important test, or interview I’m stressing about. (Tweeted to me by a lot of you)

Positive: Study hard, do your best, but realize the test grade or a job will never dictate the success of your life, you dictate the success of your life


Pessimist: You made a mistake at school or work that you feel will destroy you. (One of my best friends who works a 9-5)

Positive: Every single problem has a solution, channel your energy into finding a realistic solution instead of feeling helpless for yourself. The more victimized you feel, the more paralyzed you’ll be, and the less strength you’ll have to find and execute a solution.


pessimist to positive

Pessimist: You can’t seem to get the relationship you’re in right with the love of your life. You feel heartbroken. (Me)

Positive:  Smile at the fact your heart wasn’t always shattered, and just like cuts on your body, your heart will heal from the trauma. Understand that the trials we go through are never for nothing. One morning soon, you’ll wake up being so happy to be alone, because you are and will always be your number one.


Bottom line is that problems and pain are opportunities to grow scar tissue, which in my opinion, create the most interesting people. Have any pessimist thought you’ve turned into a positive? Comment them below!


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