The French YouTubers You Should Be Watching To Improve Your French

Forget textbooks (for now), learning French in the 21st century is all about YouTube – at least we think so.

Comme une Française

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Géraldine from Comme une Française is exactly the person you want to teach you French. She’s polite, and teaches you the French you actually want to learn…like how to order a coffee in French, gestures the French make, and how to give someone your digits. Trust me, it’s very useful stuff, and I literally promote her channel to every French class I teach in Brooklyn.


This guy is the King of French YouTube. He’s got approximately seven million subscribers, which means that he must be doing something right. His French videos are of the comedy genre and made for French speakers, so we recommend watching his channel only when your French is at a advanced level (C1-C2).


Bravo to DanRock for being this fluent in French. We love to watch him because 1) it’s nothing but impressive and 2) he gives us Americans a good rep’ by fighting the stereotype that we only care about English. Uh, as if! You go DanRock, you go! He frequently does a series of videos hashtagged “#QuestionPourUnRicain” (#QuestionForAnAmerican) where he takes to Twitter and handpicks French people’s tweets about American culture.

What other French YouTubers do you watch?

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