We Fly High with Tammy

Things are getting pretty legit here at shutupandgo.travel; we’re excited to have you along our journey to grow a full-blown travel company that all started from our burning desire to fly all over the world as broke 20somethings.
Last month, we launched a “booking” function on this very blog! Which means, not only are you hopefully laughing at our shenanigans while watching our YouTube videos, getting inspiration from our travel blogs, but you’re actually booking flights to create your own travel stories. And trust us, these flight prices are DamonAndJo approved, otherwise we wouldn’t be promoting them.
To celebrate the “shutting up and going” that’s now possible, we decided to start interviewing you, our readers, and share stories of your wanderlust.
In the first “We Fly High” segment, we took a moment to chat with our girl Tammy, who confessed to booking her next flights on our site! Thanks boo!


So Tammy, tell us your deets, how old are you, where are you from?

To start off, I’m 25 and I grew up/currently reside in (and am trying desperately to escape) Dayton, Ohio.

Where is your next trip?

We’ll be traveling to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Rome, and Barcelona. I’ve been to these cities (with the exception of Athens), and they were all unbelievable. Paul has never been out of the country, so all of these places will be new to him.
All of these flights, other than the initial overseas flights, we booked using Skyscanner through your blog.

So excited that you’re making the most of your time abroad with your hubby. You’re gonna have all the couples drooling over your experience! We’ve been to all of those places, except for Athens also, so don’t forget to give us some tips when you come back :)!

Let’s get into the nitty gritty, were you nervous financially before booking the trip?

We were a little worried about planning this trip, financially speaking. But right as we began planning, I discovered your videos and decided to take your advice and plan everything on my own. In the past I have traveled solo on a 30 day Eurotrip using a tour company. While it was an amazing experience and I met so many wonderful people, it also felt like I’d been traveling with a tour company. It wasn’t as authentic and spontaneous as I was hoping for. Booking everything on our own also own ended up being so much cheaper. The cost for both of us going on this trip for 18 days is about 1/3 less than what I spent with that company solo.

YAS! That’s exactly what we’re talking about! The tour experience can be fun, but it’s definitely more restricted and expensive; the last thing travelers want.

Did booking the trip take some convincing? Either yourself, or convincing your husband?

My husband (Paul) and I began planning this trip in February after I had my third, and hopefully last, spinal surgery. It didn’t take any convincing, really. Just a lot of financial restraint. It was Paul’s idea, and I immediately agreed. We both love to travel; for our honeymoon last year we took a two week road trip across the country and back. Europe has always been on our Places to See list.

That’s crazy, you’re a fighter, also seems like you have a keeper on your hands. Couples who travel together, stay together!


What’s your job like? Was it hard to get time off of work to finally pursue your dreams of doing a Eurotrip?

I’ve worked at a vet clinic full time for several years now, and I take a lot of weekend trips and my bosses are wonderful and know I love to travel. They don’t mind me taking off 2-3 weeks at a time once or twice a year to travel, I give them plenty of notice.  My second job is part time, retail, and they’re pretty lenient as well. Working 65+ hours a week is really hard, especially with the back of an 80 year old person. But I don’t let it stop me from doing the things I want to do.

You might have to teach us a thing or two of back health; I’m a foam roller addict, but other than that I’m pretty much an 80 year old too, lol! It’s awesome that you have a pretty traditional job in the clinic AND a second job, but still made time to travel. It really does take sacrifice, planning, and boldness to ask your higher ups for what you want!

What did your family and friends think of you taking this bold move to book your next trip? Were they supportive?

My co-workers and family do think we’re a little crazy for wanting to travel internationally with the recent issues overseas. We’ve gotten quite a lot of negative comments about it. Our response is: if, by some chance, something were to happen while are there, we were having fun doing the thing we loved the most. We will practice caution, but we aren’t really worried about it.

Ohhhh those fear mongers! It’s totally understandable; glad we’re not the only ones who had to tell friends and family that we were going for it regardless of their fear! Tammy, you’re pretty much a boss, we love that!


Ok, keep it real, are you worried about committing some serious travel fouls before or during your trip? What are you nervous about?

The things I’m probably most worried are packing/getting to the airport on time. Also the language barrier- we aren’t fluent in any languages other than English. (Though I recently downloaded Duolingo and it’s awesome. Thanks so much for the recommendation!)

Those nights before flights are basically nonexistent #nosleep. Make sure to put your valuables in your shoes to not forget things like passports/money/etc! We also have this list of things to do before an international flight!

Are you experiencing post purchase depression, or are you totally glad you booked this trip?

Absolutely glad. Working two jobs is rough sometimes, especially when I go 3-4 weeks at a time without a single day off, but travel makes it all worth it. Working this much can be inconvenient, but inconvenience isn’t synonymous with impossible. I’m willing to do what it takes to get where I want to be. 🙂
Our girl Tammy, we are so glad to have heard about your upcoming trip!!! You’re seriously an inspiration to everyone out there who’s trying to shut up and go with a husband, two jobs, and having just had surgery!!! Like, what?! Definitely schoolin’ those out there who are hesitant! We’re expecting awesome tips and pics when you come back :)!

Big hugs,

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