Find Some Romance in the Everyday


This Valentine’s Day, I had an epiphany. IT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE SINGLE.

I’ll admit it, last year I felt differently. I might’ve had the most romantic date ever. I won’t reveal all the details as it might go against my general motive for this post, but let’s just say… We might’ve shared a kiss in front of the Olympic Rings in Stratford. AKA my very own Hollywood sign, 90210 moment.

You know me, I’m all for romance. My Netflix list and extensive book collection can tell you that much. Yet, as much I’ve loved (questionable statement, really) and lost (no question about it), I’ve realized how I’m not so into that lovey-dovey stuff. Still, I am the biggest fan of romance and romanticism.

But not always with a 6ft4 love interest.


I don’t think you can only be in love with people. It’s far too simplistic. I’ve fallen in love with people, cities, food, walks, beaches, friendships, shoes on ASOS and even the old lady on the bus next to me. She talks to me in Catalan, bitching about teenagers and I never know how to/can’t respond.

I think we limit ourselves often to one kind of movie, ‘Instagram b a e’ kind of love. But really, we should try to see life as a wonderfully low-budget feel-good movie, every day. 

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.

I googled the word ‘romance’ for some definitions.

  1. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love
  2. a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

I like this, but does it really have to ‘remote from everyday life’? Why can’t there in romance in the simple, beautiful moments we often take for granted? I think it’s in many ways, more ROMANTIC.

I certainly think we romanticize travel. Heck. that’s what Shut Up and Go is ALL about. We wanna travel, see all the things we dreamed of and just go for it. So we do, I bloody love it and all of us.

That said, I moved to Barcelona and I might’ve forgotten to look around and find that beauty in every everyday.

Sangria again?

Sunshine again?

La Sagrada Familia.. again? (Sorry Gaudi)

I literally wrote a text to my friend, “I fancy a bit of romance.”

I sent it and realized I was on my way to a weekend of beaches, museums, and watercolor-ing by the sea with friends. That’s as romantic as anything I’ve ever seen in the movies. So is any day when we’re happy.

So here I gift you for those mid-march blues:

  1. Try to find romance in the every-otherwise-boring-day

Let’s act like we’re on holiday every day, even if technically you’re not. And if you are, go ham.



Some super simple suggestions:

Take photos of nice moments.

Talk to locals, even if they are your mum’s friends.

Walk to your lame job with a spring in your step (one more day closer to anti-capitalism freedom!).

Treat your local Tescos, Walmart or equiv as if it’s an international one, that kind of excitement arriving to a supermarket abroad is one of a kind, mimic it.

Take a road trip, down the road.

Have a sleepover.

Save money. Spend money.

Eat a takeaway without talking about calories, they don’t do that in movies, or if they do, stop watching those movies.

Put on a silly face mask.

Listen to guilty pleasure music.

Dance to that music.

Do something creative or arty without putting it on Instagram.

Or actually do, I wanna see!

Go out with friends. Read a book. Write a book.

Have a movie night. Giggle about your crush. Ask someone out on a date.

Gossip a little. Buy plants. Inevitably kill your plant because of a lack of care. Buy more, try better.

Book a flight for after all this Corona Virus mess is over. Get drunk.

In a few months, get on that flight you booked. Travel. Shut Up and Go. 


Sh*t you forgot about your plant again, didn’t you?


We’re all craving that romance life, but we don’t realize how easy it is to see things a little more La Vie En Rose.

Whether you’re gonna buy yourself a £ 20-pound flight or you’re just walking to work on a cloudy day. Sprinkle a little romance into all of it.

Lots of love



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