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Being disconnected from the outside world while in Cuba for a month really got me thinking about what I love, and what makes me smile while surviving another 24 hours filled with culture shock. I have to say that a few key items helped keep me some sort of routine in my life throughout the month of May while living nomadically abroad.

So in case you were in need of some linkspiration, here are my favorite items for May of 2016.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones

I received these headphones as a gift, and I have to say that it’s made my long flights and hours of editing videos a lot more enjoyable. I value high quality sound, especially if it’s Bluetooth enabled. When I started using these bad boys while maneuvering throughout airports, I loved the fact it was cordless. Carrying bags, having long hair, and being an overall frantic person means cords just add to all of that stress level. They’re pricey, but an investment to the soundtrack to your life.

Stay Hydrated and Chocolated Water Bottle


This one’s a shameless plug to our new merchandise store; but I really did use this item on a daily basis in May. We’re striving to bring you items that you actually use, and that are of course, travel friendly. The reason I love this bottle so much, other than the fact my life motto is printed right across it, is that it comes with a little clip to make attaching it to your bags seamless. I even rolled up in nightclubs with this thing clipped on my purse and was never a thirsty girl. Hoping to add a pouch for a chocolate bar soon 😉

Waterproof iPhone 6 Case

While I haven’t bought this item yet, I’m in desperate need of a waterproof iPhone case. After a bad situation on a catamaran while in Cuba, I lost tons of photos and videos that were on my phone; #travelfoul. Not only do I need to buy a case that protects against water damage, but I really need to make a habit of backing my images up every night while on the road! Learn from my slip up and back back back, back it up.

Moka Coffee Pot

moka-coffee-potI’ve seen these little pots in European or Latin homes and always assumed that making coffee in one of these little guys would be extremely difficult and inconvenient for some reason. Silly me. Then I was stranded without an electric coffee machine for a month and had to learn how to brew up a cup of Jo(e) the old fashioned way. Come to find out I prefer the coffee that comes out of this kind of pot significantly more than from electric machines. Order custom ground coffee thin enough to give you a strong, beautiful cup of coffee, so you can stay coffelated!

Spotify Subscription

spotify-subscriptionOne thing you should know about me is that I live my life listening to music. I love learning about different genres, keeping up with what’s happenin’, and listening to all my old 90s hip hop and rap jams. I tried a bunch of different apps for music, and none of them compare to the selection that Spotify offers. The best part about having a subscription is the “Available Offline” option, that was critical for me while in Cuba. Taking music away from me for 20 days is like pulling the plug on my happiness!

Got any items to recommend for May 2016? Comment below!

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