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After a hot shower in my Roman apartment alongside fellow international peeps, I decided it was time to sit down and write this favorites blog about things I loved in September, mid October. To my defense, I’m sick as a dawg here in Italy, thanks to the spontaneous cold front that brought all the germs my way here to Roma.
As Damon said in his favorites blog, we’ve been slowly upgrading our lives little by little. I have to say, it’s one of those moments where you realize that change doesn’t happen overnight, but small actions we take every day can change our entire lives over the course of time.

So here it goes, favorites from last month,

brought to you this month.

FujiFilm xt10

If you’ve been keeping up with instagram, and even these blogs, you may have noticed I’ve upped my photography game (hopefully you’ve noticed 😂). After years of creating content, the most difficult part for me was always finding captivating pictures to make people actually read the blabber I write. After some advice from my girl Cynthia Linh, who claimed to have been a terrible photographer pre-FujiFilm camera, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in something that would actually make a difference.
It’s also another reason to expand my skills set and feel more creative, so naturally, I’m all for it. The best part is the WiFi feature that allows you to upload images to your phone instantly.

Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment

This one was also a game changer. I’m the kind of person who thankfully doesn’t have major skin issues; shout out to drinking a gallon of water a day. However, the funny (not so funny) thing is that when you have decent skin and one pimple pops up, it throws your whole swag off. Luckily for me, this always happens right around important events in my life, like umm.. walking the white carpet at the VMAs.
I had a MAJOR cheek pimple pop up two days before, and out of desperation, I ran to a pharmacy and picked up this little guy. After sleeping with the cream on my diabolical pimple, I woke up having felt like I had won a moon man. Pimple free. Now, of course, Damon borrows it every other week.

International Magazines

I’m a sucker for a good international magazine. 
Since I can’t get them while in the states, it’s become almost like a hobby to stock up on magazines in France and Italy now, because there’s probably no better way to read about the latest trends and slang terms in a new language than by picking up a Cosmo. It’s not only good for your language practice, but the art of reading a magazine is extremely relaxing, and you pick up a few tips sans Google.

Clue, the App

This one is for the ladies who have menstrual cycles – yes, it happens. I was never the kind of woman who put dates on my calendar of when I was about to get my period, and then I realized it’s probably important I do to avoid being in the middle of a flight, or climbing up a volcano to an unpleasant surprise from my least favorite monthly visitor – ze period. I found out about this app called Clue that basically keeps your cycle’s calendar in a minimalist way without frilly flowers and girly colors. You can keep track of how you feel each day throughout the month, how your skin is doing, even if your body hurts on certain days. After a while you start to understand your body more, which in the end is always the goal.

A Canga

cangaMy canga drape look

As a Brazilian, I was introduced to the magic of a canga from an early age; you can’t leave the house without it on a beach day. This universal piece of cloth can serve as a beach blanket, a dress, a bag, a towel, a head wrap, a scarf, a skirt, a shirt, and basically anything else you can fold it into. After we moved out a few weeks ago, it was critical that I brought only the MVPs of my wardrobe. The MVP of the MVPs is most definitely the canga. I’ve already tied it into a tote bag while in a hostel, and now I use it as a towel in Italy. It takes up minimal space, and can always be of use.

Any favorites you want to recommend? Comment below!


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