Favorites from August 2016 | Jo

Brace yourself for the randomness of my favorite items for August; things have been interesting lately. We’ve just finished a four episode series for MTV, woo! The filming process included lots of traveling and looking pretty on-camera despite the heat and humidity struggles. Queue horror images of my sweat stains and frizzy hair.

Lunch box

This item brings it back to the 2nd grade when you walked with pride holding your favorite character-themed lunch box. I was a brown paper bag lunch kind of a kid, at least until this month. I decided to turn a random square lunch box I had lying around into my new cometic bag. The reason why I fell in love with this hack is because unlike other cosmetic or hygienic bags, it makes all of your products stand upright to avoid leaks into your suitcase. A lunch box is also perfect for keeping things cool to avoid melting your beautiful makeup, bar soaps, or coconut oil. If there is a spill, the lining is thick enough to prevent major damage from happening. Bonus perk, it fits perfectly into a corner of your checked or carry-on bag, and it’s cheap!

S’well Water Bottle

This years theme was definitely staying hydrated, and of course chocolated. But most importantly, hydrated. It’s summer time, it’s hot and muggy, and chugging lukewarm water is by no means going to keep you cool. If you’re traveling around a lot, I doubt you have easy access to ice cubes to plop in your average water bottle; which is why a S’well is perfect for you. I freaked out at this little guy; how did I put cold water inside of this bottle at 9PM one night, and took a sip at 12PM the NEXT DAY, and the water was still chilled? It’s expensive, but worth the investment.

Award Wallet Applicationaward-wallet

You would think we would each have a million points on all of the airlines by now with all the traveling we do right? Wrong. We were slacking on collecting our airline points, partly because we argued that we fly on whatever airline is cheapest, which means we’re not loyal to any. Except we realized all of those cheap airline tickets could’ve given us free flights if we had kept track of the frequent flyer programs and points we completely missed out on. This month, all of that changed. The headache of keeping a document of all of your loyalty numbers and points for various companies has completely vanished after I downloaded this app. Award Wallet will store all of your information, and notify you when points are about to expire. Beware: I might turn into a points queen by the end of 2016.

Mophie Wireless Phone Charger

Being on the road and walking around for 12 hours a day means a few things; sore feet, frizzy hair, and dead phone batteries. While I’m still searching for the perfect fix for the first two issues, the dead phone battery problem has been solved with this Mophie phone charger. This sleek battery pack is perfect for a duo, because two people can charge their phones at the same time. It also has a little button the side to tell you where its battery level is. Charge this overnight and don’t stress about getting stranded without your Maps and Yelp apps while on the go.

Murray’s Hair Pomade

While filming for the show, we were introduced to amazing people; experts in all areas including production, sound, cameras, and hair and makeup. To be honest, I didn’t expect the hair and makeup artist to touch my hair at all; curly hair is just not something people think they can style. After meeting four different professionals, I was proved wrong by one of them. My girl Christie introduced me to this new product that changed the fly-away hair game. Not only is the packaging on this pomade hilarious, check those fros out… but it’s necessary to keep the ends of my hair intact [split ends be gone]. After years of the same products, my mane has become a rebellious child taunting me at all of the different products and techniques I’ve tried to tame it. Once I put on Murray’s Pomade, I showed my frizz who’s actually boss. It’s a bit on the greasy side, so use it on your ends sparingly.

Transluscent Powder

I’m not exactly the makeup guru of YouTube, but I have sought out solutions to looking shiny. This translucent powder is any makeup artists’ secret weapon to finish a healthy looking face. It covers anyones oily skin, despite your completion. I even slap it on Damon’s face from time to time! The significance to “powdering my nose” finally applies.

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