5 Favorite Travel and Photo Apps for iPhones | Summer 2018

I vividly remember being 16 and my pediatrician telling me to do daily wrist twists. These twists would include balling my hands, extending my arms, and flailing my wrists to give them a good stretch. Bend up. Bend down. Twist around. Naturally, I concerningly asked, “Why should I do this?” He responded, “Because your generation is going to be hit with a bad case of arthritis from incessantly using your phones.” I simply giggled in disbelief.

Fast forward five years, and I’m still doing these wrist twits because I’m always on my dang phone.

1 point for pediatrician | 0 points for Nasir

At least always being on my phone allows me to write a resourceful blog post about cool apps, right? *cues sweat on forehead.

Here are a few apps that I’ve been using a ton this summer:


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During college, I had so many places where I could comfortably blog and get work done. Now that I’ve graduated and moved back home, space is scarce. I love coffee shops, but paying $6 for a cappuccino every hour (to feel decent about taking up space) is rather tiring. Instead, I started using Croissant coworking spaces.

This app is dope because it’ll show you available workspaces in your area and around the world (yup, they’ve got locations all over North America and Europe).

I spent a day hanging out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in this cozy, rustic, two-floor building. The top floor was decked out with a ton of candies and refreshments near the kitchen area, and the workspace was vibrant, spacious, and pastel-colored (YES)! Whereas the downstairs loft-area offered a more chill vibe for people who wanted to be productive in a quiet setting. I’m a noise-maker, so I stayed upstairs.

These spaces make working remotely easy, super accessible, and productive.

Oh, and new members get a free trial! Thank me later.

Enlight Photofox

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I took a trip to Mexico in March, and then I went to Ecuador in June. These two countries are some of the most vibrant places that I’ve ever seen, so I needed an app that had cool features to help these colors accurately translate in a photo.

My favorite features on Photofox are the “HDR” setting and the “Candela” filter. Yup, I’m giving away all of my secrets, but it’s for the common good! These two settings enhance travel photos to the max. My photos went from Ariana Grande in “Victorious” to Ariana Grande in the “God is a Woman” music video. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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I’ve been travelin’ for a hot minute, and I haven’t found another app/site that offers low flights like Skyscanner (except for Google Flights, but they haven’t made an app yet… SLACKING).

I’m from the New York area, so finding cheap flights to Europe can be the biggest pain the butt. Some places will try to charge $1,000 round-trip to London. Unless I’m having tea and a photo shoot at Buckingham Palace, there’s no way in heck that I’d pay that much for a flight to Europe. You can blame this attitude and spoiledness on Skyscanner because they always hook me up with flights across the Atlantic for $400 or $500 – and if I’m lucky, $300!


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Let’s all give Lana Del Rey a round of applause for inspiring an era of vintage-aesthetic lovin’ Instagrammers. Must I say more?

This app is perfect for getting those grainy, warm-washed, steppin’ out of the 60s (sans the unnecessary wars against socialism and communism) looks. Another cool feature about VHS Cam is that you can either record/take photos directly on the app or you can upload videos and photos in order to give them the vintage filters.

We love multi-faceted apps!


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I might be a bit late on this one, but I didn’t know that this app existed until this summer. My friends and I are known for our last-minute trips to Philly, or Boston, or wherever we can get with $50 and a car. My best friend Khristine, the tech-savvy one of the group, lives by this darn app, so I had to give it a try.

We got a hotel room the day before going to see Charli XCX (QUEEN) in concert, and I assumed that a room in Manhattan would be $200. NOPE. It was half of that.

Very rarely do I do hotels (I can never afford them), but sometimes I’ll treat myself to a hotel when this app bumps the cost down.

Comment below if you use any of these apps, and if you’re new to any of them! Better apps to share? Drop ’em below.

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