6 Favorite iPhone Apps | Summer 2017

Recently, I’ve noticed, I do every damn thing on my phone. I used to have an issue with squinting and typing long and elaborate emails while in motion. Back in the day, I would squirm at the fact I might have to respond to an e-mail urgently and not have my laptop on a desk to do so. Something changed though, I was tired of wasting time in transit, and started getting mobile.
It’s not about scrolling through selfies either, it’s about finding those life changing apps, and using them to work smarter, not harder. Shout out to that unlimited data plan that lets me run a business via my iPhone. Of course, I’m still a sucker for a laptop sesh, with coffee (preferably not dangerously close to my laptop), and a notebook to seal the deal of productivity.


It’s also crazy to think that a lot of these resources weren’t even around as far as two years ago – imagine what apps will revolutionize the way we work in the future?

But this blog is all about my favorite apps, and why you should use them.


Download the app and see how addicted to the screen you are: http://apple.co/1JTj609

You know that one tech savvy friend that you have that makes you feel like a barbarian for not knowing how to switch “night mode” on your phone? Yes, well, that happens to be my best friend, Paige. We met in New York, around college time, when I spontaneously slept on her couch, forming a lifelong bond.
We’ve made it a tradition to rent a shared Airbnb in NYC for “New York Weeks” almost once every three months for the past year. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas on bar napkins, to cry over relationship problems and cheap bottles of Cabernet, but most of all, it’s the time when we share all of our latest and greatest tips on being as savvy as possible. This app was her recommendation, because, well, she’s savvy enough to know how to track her savviness down to the minute.
That’s right, this app will track how long you’re on your phone. You might be disturbed to know that I’ve spent a whopping five hours on my phone in the last 24 hours. I’m not proud of slouching down to stare at a screen for that long, but there is a silver lining: most of the time I spent on my phone, was to use helpful apps that follow.


Download the App

I’ve become such a one-way kind of a gal. The amount of times that I’ve booked round trip flights, only to end up losing my money on the return because I decided to stay a little longer sickens me. Seriously, not ok. So instead, I’ve just made it a morning habit to track flights on Skyscanner’s app, and to set price alerts that help me plan my next moves. I’m in New York now, and promise you that I have no idea when or where I’ll be going after here.

They also have a page of weekly deals that’s updated every single week (as the title of the page suggests): say hello to that spontaneous vacation.


Use this code to get $40 off on your first booking: http://abnb.me/e/S60Iq5x5HE

And to avoid being homeless in all of my spontaneous adventures, I’ve become a professional Airbnber. I probably have over 40 reviews at this point. Airbnb is something we get asked a lot of questions about, and here’s the one thing  you need to know: It’s perfect to give you a little bit of home while on the road. Damon and I have months where we’re pretending to be locals in different cities, and part of that comes from the neighborhoods and accommodations we choose.

Odds are, you’ll become friends with the old Greek man serving you coffee under the N train in Astoria if you’re staying down the block for a few weeks at a time, an experience you’d never really get bouncing around from hostel to hostel. The key to mastering Airbnb is to become a review expert, don’t sleep on three stars or less, and make sure you message the host if you have any doubts before booking.


If you’re an Uber newbie, first of all, what rock have you been living under? Secondly, here’s a little code to make you feel better: https://www.uber.com/invite/8zvn2

Randomly, Uber’s been comin’ in hot with those deals. Last week, I got a message saying I can pay $10 for 20 rides that will always cost either $3.99 for a pool, or $6.99 for an UberX. This week, for whatever the reason, I’m getting 50% off every ride – winning.

I did the math on how much I’ve spent last year on Ubers and Lyfts alone, and the number was around $1000, which is way less than what people pay on car insurance – plus, I never have to worry about parking, or on how I’m getting back home after a night out with a few drinkee poos.

Lyft – connected to miles

Download the app and get $20 here: http://lft.to/2usL7y1

Much like Uber, Lyft tries to add in little perks to stay loyal to their service. But because I’m a certified Cheap-0, I will absolutely look up both Uber and Lyft, and choose whichever one is cheaper. If they’re both the same price, I’ll choose Lyft because now, you have the option of linking your frequent flyer number on your Lyft account, and earn a Delta mile for every dollar you spend. If you’re going to the airport, you get three miles for every dollar. I’m all about killing as many birds with one stone, and this is it baby.



Download the app and start investing with $5, who knows, this could fund your next trip: https://acorns.com/invite/X2NRXB

When I started using this app, thanks to savvy Paige, I invested a simple $250. I thought it was a bit much, just because I’m stingy with my money, how you think I lasted this long on earth? – Damon quote. I was bummed about the immediate money out of my checking account, until I saw it grow steadily over the last seven months to $998.64.
Acorns is any newbie’s best bet at getting into investments. You don’t need a finance degree, and you don’t even need to know the first thing about stocks – there are articles on the app to help you with those concepts if you’re interested though. All you need to know is that you can grow your money by allowing Acorns to invest all of your cents, or round ups to the nearest dollar amount. You choose your risk level, they put your money in different investments, and before you know it, you’re getting paid dividends, and “finding money” anytime you buy things through their partners – Hotels Tonight is a partner for instance.
What’s not to love about growing your money overnight all through your phone?


When I’m not scrolling through flights, Airbnbs, and checking on my investments, I’m most likely writing my next blog post on my phone. I’m also jotting down to-do lists, and keeping track of random things I need to remember later, all through the beautifully designed interface that is Evernote. This app is like your one-stop-shop for written productivity. It’s so easy to create bulletted lists, or to search for those old notes you wrote last summer that somehow now you absolutely must find.
You can even break up your documents into different folders to stay organized, and clip emails with flight reservations, receipts, or conversations to put in those folders. It’s perfect for tickets because it works offline, in case your email doesn’t load, causing you to look like that A-hole who’s holding up the line at airport check in.
Get savvy, Don’t be that A-hole.

Comment below if you use any of these apps, and if you’re new to any of them! Better apps to share? Drop ’em below.


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