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Everything I Ate in Hungary


Traveling to a country named Hungary, I figured I would be faced with a lot of greasy, fatty food.
And I was..
What was surprising, though, was that in a world of beef gulyás and heavy pörkölt, I actually found it very easy to find vegetarian food – well, after a vegan at the front desk of my Budapest hostel gave me a post-it note with all her favorite recommendations.

Omelets and cappuccinos at Grill & Chips


These kürtőskalács from Central Market Hall


This sour cream lángos from the food trucks on Kazinczy St.

IMG_2624 copy

This vegan meat-lover’s Hungarian pizza and Hungarian Bean Goulash soup from Napfényes (my favorite meal in Europe)

IMG_1954 copy

This iced latte from Kőleves

IMG_1973 copy

These groceries from Aldi

IMG_2650 copy

More omelets, coffee and juice at Spinoza Café


This eggplant sabich and cabbage soup from Hummus Bar

IMG_1610 copy

This Mizo kakaó from TESCO IMG_1633 copy

This onion ring veggie burger from Bendő Burger

IMG_2161 copy

Even more omelets, coffee, and juice at Bali Caffe

IMG_2185 copy

This eggplant parmigiana from a restaurant that was rude

IMG_2404 copy

What Hungarian foods did I truly miss out on?

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