Escape Rooms & Other Favorites from December 2016

Being back home in Indiana is synonymous with me having nothing to do. I’ve sat in every coffee shop in the Fort Wayne area so long every day that I’m probably known as the lingerer at this point – like literally six hours in one coffee shop, you guys. My mom even asked me once, “So…when you go to these coffee shops, are there other people who sit that long like you? Hah.
Not really.
And when I’m not posted up in Firefly, Fortezza, or Old Crowne, I’m probably at home, browsing through Netflix, anxiously awaiting the future seasons of Chewing Gum and 3%, and the long-awaited release of A Series of Unfortunate Events.
But last night, I decided on Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, and turns out, it’s a documentary by The Minimalists, a blog I recommended just last month [7 Blogs That’ll Take Your Thinking To The Next Level]. As I packed my life into one suitcase and two bags, the documentary reconfirmed why a life with a big house, a nice car, and lots of “things” may be the idea of success to others, but for me, it’s not. I’m over here about to reach maximum happiness level on this $32 bus ride to Chicago because I have my freedom, adventure, and five million experiences from around the world. It’d be nice to have a penthouse, a chauffeur, even a few more inches of legroom right now, and if I get the opportunity and means, let’s be real, I can get wit’ it – but in the words of the ever-so articulate @damonadjo twitter account:
Life is for living | DamonAndJo Twitter
and for us that means investing in ourselves before the material things. Here are my favorites from December 2016:

Escape Rooms

the chamber escape rooms | fort wayne, indiana
When I heard that escape rooms were “difficult,” my first reaction was something along the sarcastic lines of, oh well you probably didn’t spend your teen years playing point-and-click escape games online. Before entering my first real escape room, I was so sure I’d know what to look for – codes behind paintings, hieroglyphics hidden on the walls, keys inside of drawers, riddles – but that all went out the door when I entered the “Abandoned Asylum.” First off, it was nearly pitch black, with a creepy surgical doll in the corner. Second, there were combination locks I had never seen before in my life. And third, the riddle was way too advanced for my investigative skills. Let me just get straight to it: we failed. We couldn’t get out in one hour. We would have been goners if this were one of the Lifetime movies my mom always has on in the kitchen.
The point is: it was fun. I even went home and googled escape rooms in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Y’all just watch; I will escape…one of these times.


rembrandt whitening toothpaste review
I wasn’t expecting to buy this, but it was totally one of those last-minute, let-me-try-it impulse buys. You never know if the product is actually worthy of your money or if you’re just paying for the packaging and brand name. Maybe I did, by paying $5.50, but I really have noticed a difference; Finally a toothpaste out there strong enough to wipe away the stains from my daily, ok twice-daily, alright three-times-daily Americano. Unlike some other whitening “miracle” products, I don’t feel like my enamel is withering away, and I also don’t feel any sensitivity.

Link | Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste


chill and netflix

(not Archer)

On my latest Netflix binges, I’ve managed to watch The OA, Grace & Frankie, Rick & Morty, Archer, and finally, finally catch up on those early 2000s classics like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Archer, though, is a guaranteed laugh every time. It took a while to get past the comic-book animation that makes me feel like I’m watching Action League Now! or KaBlam! from 90s Nickelodeon. Since typing that, I just spent 20 minutes watching old clips of Angela Anaconda too. Archer’s a keeper in 2017. It feels intelligent; it’s got the best comebacks; and I laugh my a$$ every time.

Language Hacking: German

Language Hacking: German by blogger Benny Lewis | Best books to learn German
When I pulled up to the foreign language section of my local book store, the last thing I was expecting to see was a fresh language-learning guide from a blogger I’ve been following since the beginning of time. Most of the time, I’m stuck flipping from dusty language-learning book to dusty language-learning book, but Benny Lewis, he gets me. He’s learned multiple languages quickly – hence his blog’s name, Fluent in Three Months – and he knows how to give you the fast-track to picking up a language. In the past week alone, I feel like my German has became more structured (cuz we all know the German language is all about structure) and honestly, fluent. My German has improved light-years since that one video.

Link | Language Hacking German

Roller Skating

bells skating rink in new haven, indiana
If I were to tell you I come from rollerskating royalty, would you believe me? My entire family consists of Indiana’s finest skating queens and kings (ahem, from decades ago)…and then I came around, too scared to even enter a speed-skating race at the local Bell’s Skating Rink. Look, I love groove-skating and I’m slightly jealous every time hoards to teenagers shuffle past me while in synchronization, but I just don’t have that competitive drive in me when it comes to needing to win at sports. You put on the oldies, and turn up the neon strobe lights though, and I’m there though.

What were some things you discovered this month that I/We/Other readers should look into?

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