The Ebb and Flow of Life

ebb and flow

phrase of ebb
  1. 1.
    a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth

The other day, I entered a random Lyft in Los Angeles, and was chatted up by a 20something Brazilian (of course) driver. Out of all the topics we could’ve spoken about, he brought up the fact that he doesn’t judge people based on how much money they have, or their status in the world. It’s funny how much you can share with a complete stranger. We both agreed that just because one day you consider yourself wealthy, doesn’t mean that the possibility of you being broke isn’t lurking around the corner.
It got me thinking about how much of life is riding a wave. No, I can’t surf, but the more I experience, the more I learn how to ride the hell of the waves life serves me. ebb-and-flow
Naturally, I started looking back at the past year, and even more naturally, started comparing what happened in 2016 to what was happening in 2017.
The result? I was disappointed.
From my comparison, we had started last year off way stronger in terms of work. Opportunities were pouring in left and right, I felt like I was working at 120% and that things were moving, our channel was growing, everything was heading in the right direction. Of course, I didn’t have the peace of mind that I have now that I’ve gotten a grip on what it is to work for myself after a full year, but still, it’s undeniable that things were poppin’ off.
Now, let’s step into the shoes of 2017. The first four months proved to be a little unexpected. I mean, for starters, we moved back to LA and into our own places. Then, because no gigs came through by early February, we decided to go to Brazil for Carnaval, which is when I got shot, and survived – plot twist. I admit, getting shot slowed me down, but only for a few weeks. By March, just as I was recovering physically, the lull of work started getting to me.

Maybe my curse is that I can’t sit still, I need constant movement. When things slow down, my mind starts acting up.

Luckily, Damon and I share this condition, so to get our graphs up (subscribers, finances, opportunities, etc.), we started buckling down and creating more videos, writing more blogs, sending out emails, and really tryyyyiiing. After all, there’s always something you can do in your power to try to pull yourself out of an undesirable situation. The problem is, aside from your discontent, that these things take time. And if you’re a constant mover like me, hearing that things “take time” is basically the same as ripping out your hair, strand by strand: torture.
Waiting around for happiness to bust through the door certainly isn’t how I’m trying to live my life. I’d much rather bust through the door myself and grab that ish. Regardless of what I want, the universe has it’s own plan in store for when the tides change. My best tactic to keep my attitude positive is to remember to ride all the waves, and to keep my knees bent in case of bumps.
Four months into the year, just as I was getting used to the slower work pace, I began seeing a huge wave of opportunities coming in the distance. A reminder that everything comes and goes, and comes again. These changes are difficult to detect and predict, because not all good things come wrapped in the same paper, and not all crappy things stink the same, but eventually, the patterns become obvious, and we’re able to glide through the ebb and flow.

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