I Carried A Disposable Camera Around On My 26th Birthday


I spent my 23rd birthday in Montréal, my 24th birthday in Los Angeles, and my 25th birthday in London; the craziest part is that I can’t find one picture from those birthdays. I’m not one to care about the aging process, but actually, where did my twenties go? For my 26th birthday, I thought I’d carry my disposable camera around Paris and only use it to capture what my day looked like. Maybe that’s what it would take for me to have a tangible memory of what at least one of my October 2nds would look like.
There’s a time and place for professional photography, and most of the time, it’s no time and nowhere near me. With disposable cameras, you’ve got one shot – and I love that about it. For once, it’s not about being petty about lighting or angles; it simply is what is. Just like Paris, to me, is what it is.
Just like being 26, to me, is what it is.

Keeping it classy, elegant, and glamorous real is one of the main selling points of the Shut Up and Go brand. Here I am, starting my day, in front of a classic Parisian street toilet. A glorified port-o-potty. Jo makes fun of me that I can’t hold my bladder for more than two seconds and that I’m going to have major issues when I’m an old man. True, but I know she’s only saying this because she’s jealous that I now drink more water than her. And that, my friends, is not an easy task.

I picked up A Paris All Your Own at Gibert Joseph and couldn’t put it down the entire week in Paris. In fact, the only time I did put it down was to write a blog about it (The Stupid Little Things About Paris). Jo and I spent an hour in Au Chat Noir to read our books and sip on a flat white, to which the barista claimed “they don’t have those.” I went with an espresso to simplify.

Aw, remember around mid-afternoon when we managed to get about all 10,000 steps in just by looking for a decently-priced vegetarian lunch in the 11th arrondissement? Thank You My Deer, closed. Veg’art, closed. L’esprit Tchaï, hook it up. For €7.95  euros, you’ll get the large plat du jour, which is almost always the hot vegetarian biryani. The restaurant itself is pretty tiny and you’ll be a lil claustrophobic (please got see just how small the restroom is), but the food is bomb-ai.

One of us will get sick during our travels. I’m still surprised I wasn’t hit with my usual: strep throat. Nothing a little 20 cent Crystalline water and €5 pack of Honey-Lemon Strepsils won’t solve.

This one was taken two hours into the sauvignon blanc and two seconds before we decided to call it quits and stay in for the night. Solal and Soukaina (to the left) are two of my favorite Parisians that I met in Paris in 2011, and Jen (to the right) was/is an American subscriber who stopped me on the street in June 2017, and asked if I wanted to go to an Erykah Badu concert that weekend. She carried a yoga mat in her backpack and was on her way to work in a jewelry store. Of course I confirmed and now she’s the first American-turned-Parisian on my Whatsapp speed-dial.

Good night Paris, and good night 25.

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