Different Country, Same Pose

You know how most people take various pictures at different angles, serving up different looks, and working different poses? For one of our trips, we did the opposite.
The year was 2015. We had max 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, and we had both recently quit our jobs our many jobs. Cliché travel vlogger story, but that’s how you make it happen. You “jump with the sharks” as Hannah Hart said in one random documentary about YouTube I watched while trying to convince myself to leave New York, be a full-time YouTuber, and move to Los Angeles. Again, you just do it. 
So right. The year was 2015. Jo and I took off on our third trip around Europe in train with Eurail 1) for the time of our life, and 2) for some travel content to prove to people we got what it takes to make you look at travel differently. We visited a total of 13 countries in 30 days, and we had the dark under eye circles to prove it. Scheduling Eurail is something we need to write a post on one day – because travel by train is still, to this day, our favorite mode of transportation. Travel with Eurail can be a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of regularly arguing with train ticket sellers, feeling comfortable holding up a line of stressed passengers, and asking about 5,000 different itinerary options, you’re fine. It took me three Eurail passes to get it right.
So righhhhht. The year was 2015. We had an idea: what if, instead of trying to do the most all the time, we take the same kind of photo…everywhere? At the end of our trip, we’d have a collage of the same photo in a different country to look back on and remember our trip in a more creative way. This was the result.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Barcelona, Spain

Verona, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Lisbon, Portugal

Marseille, France

And the other photos from the other countries must not have turned out, got accidentally deleted, or are hidden in a wrong folder. With our organization techniques, I wouldn’t be surprised. For you, my dearly beloved reader, think of doing the same pose, everywhere you go, on your next trip to tie the trip together nicely.
Ohhhh, the times we’ve had.


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