December is usually that weird month where we’re torn between buying things for ourselves, or to think about what gifts we’ll buy for our loved ones. I have a rule: it’s all about me until December 15th. Feel free to steal the rule for your own personal use; you’ll thank me later.
After the entire year of craziness, from work projects, to travels, to non-stop outings, December is usually the month where I feel and look as vibrant as a raggedy Ann doll, and not only want to, but have to recover. To give you an idea: I’m sitting in my bed, coughing all over my keyboard thanks to the insane jet-lag and climate change between Bangkok and New York. Clearly, my first item should’ve been a Nyquil/Dayquil combo pack, but since we’re trying to keep it light over here, we’ll skip past the minor congestion, and get right into my favorite items from December.

Nail Hardening Nail Polish

While browsing through the nail isle at my local pharmacy, I thought, damn I haven’t painted my own nails in a long time. As a traveler, it’s hard to stay “prim and proper.” You’re always putting your body through hell in terms of self care, because quite honestly, instead of spending time pampering yourself, you’d rather spend time admiring the beauty of a city or nature for a trip you know won’t last forever. I used to be the kind of girl who cared about my nails, and hair like it was my religion. Somewhere between college and travel, I found myself stopping the obsession, which was partly good, but terrible for the health of my nails. I used to get irritated at painting my own nails, because if I sneezed, the fresh nail polish would somehow chip. Recently, I bought this little game changer, Seche Vive Gel Effect Top Coat 0.5 Ounce, that keeps my nail polish on for as long as a manicure at a salon lasts.

I also bought a nail repair kit, so if I didn’t feel like putting polish on, I didn’t feel like Shrek. Try Nails Alive Ultimate Nail Care Kit for a three step moisture, sealer, and topcoat.

THE Fluffy Scarf

december oversized scarf
We all know I’m a bag and rag lady – I can’t resist a good oversized scarf. I recently bought a fluffy scarf that could’ve substituted my coats in desperate times. This is perfect for plane rides where you’re going from extremely opposite climates. I was just in New Orleans, and on my flight back to NYC, instead of wearing a bulky coat on the plane
to prepare for landing, I ditched the jacket and brought my scarf instead. When I landed, I was toasty, and didn’t have the hassle of carrying on a massive coat in the puny seat we’re allowed on airplanes.

Cannon G7X Mark II

Sadly for me, I’m one clumsy gal. And even sadder is the fact that I’m also cheap and usually refrain from buying the 2 year protection plans when buying electronics. I should’ve learned when I was younger and fried every laptop I owned almost each year. While vlogging my adorable host family in Italy, I dropped my old camera, the Canon G7X , and found out later from a camera repair shop that I not only broke the LCD monitor, but the lens as well. A $400 camera would cost around $300 to repair, so I figured, screw it, I might as well invest in the better model and FINALLY pay for the protection plan. So like most eager beavers out there, I went online on Cyber Monday, and scored myself a deal on the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black). I filmed with it in New Orleans, and I have to say that it is indeed way better than the previous model we had. For travel footage, it’s got great stabilization and autofocus; trouble spots of the last model.

Ear Jewelry

december ear chain
I’ve had three piercings in each ear since the second grade, pretty bada$$, I know. The problem is, no matter what I do, I’ll always end up looking like a Disney star. In an effort to get a little bit of “edge” into my look without causing major damage (I secretly always wanted to pierce my eyebrows), I decided to invest in silver ear cuffs with a chain.  While I still look like a Disney star, I like the small hint of uniqueness on my right ear, even if my hair is so big that you can barely see it.

Have any favorites from December you want to fill me in on? Comment below!


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