The Perfect Date in Brooklyn for Broke People


Mesdames et Messieurs, it’s cuffing season once again. I know all you nasties are trying to bump and grind, so let me help you embrace your inner smooth criminal with this perfect Saturday date spent in Brooklyn…for broke people.

Brunch at Tom’s Restaurant to break it in

brunch at tom's

782 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238, Open until 4PM

Between the funky 1930’s decor all over the walls, and the slammin’ huevos rancheros on the menu, this diner just does it for me. Starting the day off with some brunch here will set the mood for the perfect day and night.

Grand Army Plaza’s GreenMarket for some freshness


Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, Open Saturdays from 8AM – 4PM

A ten-minute walk from Tom’s will take you straight into the heart of Grand Army Plaza’s GreenMarket, a year-round farmer’s market that’s open on Saturdays until 4 PM. If produce isn’t your thang, you can always marvel at the iconic Paris-esque Soldiers and Sailors Arch that welcomes you into Prospect Park. Or, you can do another fan-favorite: people watch.

Brooklyn Roasting Co. for a coffee break

brooklyn roasting co

25 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Open until 7PM

Take the 2/3 train from Grand Army Plaza uptown and get off at Clark Street

By midday, if you and your date are getting a little droopy, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you: Brooklyn Roasting Co. Picture mis-matched furniture, industrial machines to set the mood, and coffee as Fair Trade and organic as you can get it. This coffee shop is ideal for spending some quality time with the keys of your laptop, or more importantly, for getting into deeper conversation with your boo boo.

Brooklyn Bridge Park view of the Manhattan skyline

brookyln bridge park

Brooklyn Bridge Park, or Brooklyn Promenade 

A few minutes away from Brooklyn Roasting Co. lies a hidden gem that most New Yorkers don’t even know about; Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here, you’ll experience one of the most breathtaking (and free, hollerback) views of the Manhattan skyline. If you wanna take it a step further, walk up to the Brooklyn Promenade to get the full effect.

The East River Ferry ride to rock da boat

east ferry

Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park

You can’t just stare at the water… you have to get into it (surfboart) by taking a ferry ride that’ll only cost you $4. Jump on-board from Pier 1 and cruise 20-minutes all the way to South Williamsburg. Before you know it, you’ll be at the mouth of hipster-ville just in time for dinner at Pies N’ Thighs.

Pies N’ Thighs for din din

pies n thighs

166 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, Open until 12AM

Now, just a warning, if you want the most mind blowing comfort food you’ll ever taste in your life, there will be a wait. And no, you can’t cheat the system by booking a table because no reservations taken at this Southern-style restaurant. If it’s Saturday, it’ll most likely be crowded with a wait of over 40 minutes. No stress here, it’s date night! Take the time to sit on a stoop and continue getting to know your shuga booga! Or instead, go for a stroll in the quaint Williamsburg neighborhood. Trust me, the Fried Catfish Box with Mac n’ Cheese on da side is worth the wait and will change yo life.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar to unleash your inner kiddo

brooklyn night bazaar

165 Banker St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, Open until 1AM, 21+

Walk 20 minutes to burn off the food and you’ll boogie all the way to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, aka the big kid’s ultimate play-land with $0 cover charge and all the arcade games your little heart desires. Beer and beatbox set the tone for you to browse the booths of local vendors. You can play games for as little as $.25… now we talkin’. The bazaar is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7PM until 1AM, making it the perfect “transition-from-day-to-night” shenanigans.

Bembe to shake your booty and drink some booze-y


81 South 6th St. Brooklyn, NY  1121, Open and bumpin’ until 4AM, 21+

If by now you’ve spent the entire day with this special someone and somehow still feel warm tinglies in sacred places, I take it you want an excuse to get close in closed quarters. Let me introduce you to Bembe, the Williamsburg hole-in-the-wall dance club that’ll take you straight into a sardine can, themed as a Caribbean island. Ladies get in free, and gents pay $10 (that’s why Damon’s never gone with me). This club has a special place in my heart because 1) the first time I went it was 3:40 AM and people were still sweatily dancing as though it’d be open all night long, 2) because there were live drummers accompanying the Soca music, and 3) because it’s known for its Brazilian influence, serving Caipirinhas and playing funk music.

Total cost: 

Food/Coffee= $20-$50
Transportation= $6.25 (assuming you walk most places)
Entrance Fees = $10 
Drinks= up to you boo boo
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