Dani Drama Queen: That Day I Read My Arrival As My Departure Time (OOPS)


Hello! and welcome to your first ever installment of Dani Drama Queen, a monthly column where I’ll be describing a travel nightmare of mine that has actually happened in real life. There’s not much doubt that I explain things in such a way that people have mostly just responded with “WOW, you’re really dramatic, you could’ve just said you almost missed your flight but you didn’t,” but that’s why they call me Dani Drama Queen. They being only me. and me being Dani… drama. queen. 


After finishing University after 3 eventful and gorgeously brilliant years,Ben, my best friend from home, and I decided to go to Athens to celebrate. We met in year two at school when he gave me a koala keyring from his trip to Australia and from then on, he’d be my best friend. I later found out that he gave almost everyone the same koala keyring and he didn’t even really know my name but still to this day, the romance lives on.

Both super fascinated by the ancient myths we had been told in primary school (big up Mrs Ruddy), we thought it most fitting to end my academic life by going to Athens to learn more about the Greeks, 14 years on.  Mostly we learnt how fickle our vegetarianism was when faced with Gyros, how difficult it was to meet new people when travelling as a two (everyone thought we were a boring couple, ooooooops) and how to successfully irritate each other every minute of the day. All the components of a perfect holiday.


Despite us being slightly unbearing-ly in friend love with each other (ask our friends, we’re the worst), there are some ways that we are soOoOoo different. The main thing being the way we travel. Ben’s the kinda guy who wants to be at the airport super early (travel nerd TM) and I’m happy with a solid 2 hours before as I HATE waiting.

Luckily, it wasn’t our first rodeo and we have managed to find a nice balance only after a few failed attempts.

I also booked the buses to and from the airports so there wasn’t loads of choice on Ben’s side.



On the way to Athens we got there 2 and a half hours early and had loads of time to do all those airport things but on the way back was an entirely different situation.

DISCLOSURE: I’ve heard from several people, my parents not included, that I am a good person to travel with as I am super chill and it calms people down, so they normally put me in charge to avoid disagreements and all that.



We were travelling back on the Sunday morning/afternoon and Ben asked me on Saturday night what time our flight was, with all of the confidence in the world, having not even checked in a week I said ‘2:20 pm! If we get to the airport at 12 that will be ideal’.

We got the tube all the way to the airport and got there at 11:50 am. I was super proud of myself. Hilariously, we went for the quick pre security check wee and looked for our check in desk. But there was no sign of it. Ben was started to look less at ease and I was smiling eagerly going ‘let me just look again’.

A helpful RyanAir guy asked where we were going to which we said ‘London!’ and said for us to go to 33 and finally we calmed a little.

Odd. There wasn’t a number 33 check in desk.

At this point Ben lost his cool and asked me to check the time again on the boarding pass. You know that point the movie when everything focuses on one word or letter and the music turns to a brief (but intense) DUN….

It was a little like that. Imagine the Chamber of Secrets scene when Tom Riddle magically turns to ‘I AM LORD VOLDEMORT,’ think that but me reading departure time at 12:30. I folded the paper back up and smiled at Ben, knowing full and well he’d honestly never trust me with travel again.

I check my watch. It’s 12:15 now.

“So our flight actually leaves at 12.30. The gates are closing now. That’s what the 33 is.”

We didn’t say much but both gave each other a look of: ‘RUN!’

We didn’t say much but both gave each other a look of: ‘RUN!’

We went through security but with no preparation at all. None of our liquids were in plastic bags and mostly all over our faces in the form of sweat.

Ben was on his phone whilst going through. FAUX PAR. He was googling how much a new flight would cost.

“It will be £200 if we miss it Dani.”

I fully ignored him and just smiled along whilst taking my jewellery off and into the box. No neggie vibes for me.

OF COURSE the thing beeped. It never beeps but this time when we had —–10 minutes to go, it would. My water bottle was full. I asked if there was a bin for water (a sink?) and the lovely security guy shook his head and said I have to drink it.

This is no joke, we drank the whole litre of water in two minutes and we really didn’t want to.

It was warm and gross.

FINALLY we got through and looked for our gate. Gate 33 was genuinely the furthest away one. We were still trying to stuff our stuff back into our suitcases but somehow it just didn’t fit anymore. Ben was carrying the water bottle, his camera, a book and our two passports in his hands all with a backpack on his back and fury for me in his heart.

“RUN and try and stall the plane for me.”

So I ran to gate 33 and I hate running. I could hear Ben dropping the items on floor and it was too laughable to even laugh at this point.

I got to gate 33, desperate for some water but my bottle was empty. Amazing.

Looked around and saw again, in a Tom Riddle style focus… D E L A Y E D.

The plane was delayed by 1 hour and no one was anywhere near boarding…

Ben came up behind me with the miscellaneous items in his hands and we both realised that we wouldn’t be stuck in Athens or have to pay £200.

*** S I G H  ***

Smiling through the pain

We shared a big hug and sat on the floor of the boarding gate sharing earphones and listening to lovely music in silence.. In total we were around 3 hours late in the end but Wizzair will always be our best friend.

… and I am not allowed to be in charge of travel days anymore though..

Would you trust me with your flight times? asking for a friend...

Have you ever actually missed a flight? What did you do about it? Make me feel better in the comments below.



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