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14+ Awesome, Cheap Gifts For Travelers

The best part about buying gifts for travelers? They don’t need much. The worst part about buying gifts for travelers? They don’t need much. If you’re stuck/blessed with the opportunity to buy a gift for your best friend, bae, or anyone who’s obsessed with travel like we are, take these ideas as something we actually want.

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High-quality neck pillow

Price range: $15-20

Do not underestimate the power of a sturdy neck pillow. Emphasis on the sturdy. If you buy a microbead neck pillow, chances are it’ll flatten and you’ll have wasted your $15. Buy one with memory foam or at least microbeads and extra neck support. Your big head will flop around in that airplane, so don’t sell yourself short on these. Love your neck; Invest in a neck pillow.

Travel guide book about your hometown or somewhere else

Price range: $10-20

Do I live in Paris? Not anymore. But do I literally pick up everything I see about Paris? You better believe it. Apply this to any city your friend may be interested in, and wa-bam, you have the perfect book to read whether you’re reading it at school, on an airplane, or let’s be realistically, on your toilet.


Travel-themed fiction or non-fiction books

Price range: $10-20

Hard facts and dense history about a city are super useful for an accurate representation of a city, but sometimes it’s nice to get lost in a story you could see yourself living once there.


Disposable cameras

Price range: $12 for 2

It’s one thing to have the latest iPhone or DSLR, but when you’ve only got 27 pictures, you pay more attention to capturing the moments that really matter. No meaningless selfies, re-dos, or editing filters is what makes disposable cameras so cool. The moment was captured as it was.


Big coffee table books

Price range: $15-25

Really, any coffee shop table is a winner, but since we’re travelers and not HGTV design experts, stray away from the ubiquitous architecture or home-improvement books, and opt for a travel-themed coffee table book. I used to own The Travel Bookand remember spending any bored moment reading up on random information about a random country. How else would I know that Sweden’s Alfred Nobel not only discovered dynamite, but also invented the Nobel Peace Prize? Ironic, but true. I mean, just think of all the useless odd knowledge you’ll learn?


Travel journal

Price range: $5-15

Owning a travel journal was the first foreshadowing of this job as a travel blogger and vlogger becoming my full-time career. Nothing like following your passion. I bought this first travel journal and I would put receipts from restaurants I ate at, funny things that happened, and my tips for my next trip on a few pages dedicated to each city.

Travel magazine subscription

Price range: $5-15

Bills are not fun; give someone a reason to look forward to opening their mailbox. Buying someone a magazine subscription is the perfect gift that keeps giving. Spend $20 upfront, and it’s like you’re buying your friend a present every few months. They should thank you for having a friend as clever as you.


iPhone fisheye lens

Price range: $1-10

These things really do work, as long as you don’t lose them after a week. Before I misplaced mine, it was like every picture on my Instagram had that cool fisheye effect. They’re small enough to throw in your coat pocket, and the effect is large enough to get you some more likes. Anything for more likes, right!?

Language-learning book

Price range: $10-15

If it’s a textbook for school, it’ll feel like school. Buy your friend a cool language-learning book for their free time, but first check out if your city has any travel bookstores. There’ll most likely be a larger section there.


Vintage travel posters

Price range: $5-25

I recently bought two of these 24×36 posters hoping it’d spruce up my room and it so did. It’s nice to remind yourself of the aesthetic value a city brings to your life, especially when it’s on your wall in picture-form and you’re reminded of the beautiful contrasting skyline, instead of the horn-honking, angry people, and overcrowded streets. Not that I’m looking at you or anything, New York.


Mexican blankets, Russian dolls, Chinatown golden cats, or something from another country

Price range: $10-40

Who cares if you’ve been to the country or not? If you have, these inexpensive decorations will serve as a reminder of the time you spent there, and if you haven’t, maybe it’ll be the daily inspiration that pushes you to finally go.

Language magnets

Price range: $10

Shout out to my high school Spanish classes for giving me this idea. We used to use these things to create sentences on our desks, but they’re really for your fridge – to create poetry, or just funny sentences that make no sense.

Anywhere card game

Price range: $10-15

These two games are actually super fun and had 10x more memorable spontaneity to your trips. While out on your travels, you pick a card at random, and do the task on the card. These can be active missions like “Ask a local where their favorite restaurant is. Pick the 3rd item on the menu.” or more passive missions like “Notice the city in a different light. Look into reflections in mirrors, windows, or anywhere you can find them.” We show you how it’s done in this video.


Try The World subscription

Price range: $25-45

Every two months, Try The World sends you a country-themed box filled with ingredients and a pamphlet to explain it all. They’ll explain why they picked those country-specific ingredients, what traditional recipes you can (and should) make, and also song and movie playlists to chill to in your free time. Check out our tutorial in this video. What’s best is we have a 15% off hookup for you if you use promocode “damonandjo.


What other presents would you recommend for a traveler?

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