A Breakdown of Boozy Brunches in Brooklyn, NY


Sometimes you just want to get a little day buzzed without having to pay Manhattan prices.

6 months of living in New York and food has undoubtedly been central in maintaining and creating friendships, celebrating moments, and making plans for the now and later. I’ve had solo food tours, work lunches, group dinners, and of course brunches.

Catching up Mondays-Fridays isn’t always possible; there’s: work, commuting, making dinner, cleaning up, doing laundry or paying bills, getting ready for the next day, and getting enough sleep. You barely have time to breathe. So, weekend brunch becomes a fallback. As my friends like to say, brunch is the perfect kind of shenanigans. You’re day drunk—it’s all the fun of drinking and food, without having to waste your entire weekend dealing with a hangover. You can be home, sober, and ready for errands on Sunday.

This is my guide to Brooklyn’s finest brunch spots. It may be the service, the food, the prices, the bellini’s, *the food* or just the vibes that landed these 5 brunch spots on my list of favorites, but whatever the reason was, if you ever make it to NYC, do yourself a favor and cross the bridge to Brooklyn for some brunch.

*chef's kiss* It was both for the aesthetics and the buttery melt in your mouth taste.

***Please drink responsibly***

*all listed restaurants offer great food and coffee if you want a little caffeine buzz for your non-drinking friends. Clink* Clink* with Some Breakfast

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    Miti Miti 🥞 

    • If you’re looking for somewhere to go with a large group of people, this is the place to go. We had a birthday brunch with 14 guests, and it was an experience. In the heart of Park Slope, this Latin American inspired menu offers everything from breakfast burrito to chicken and waffles. The hour and a half bottomless has beer, bloody marys, and customizable mimosas. Don’t underestimate how fast those mimosas get to you, if you’re nice to your waiter, you’re going to find yourself 6 or 8 glasses deep by the end of your meal.
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    Juliette 🥐 

    • We came on one of the gloomier days in the winter and it was still one of the cuter interiors I’ve seen. I recommend you drop by during the Spring or Summer for the full floral effect. If you’re not there for the aesthetics, this French café/restaurant is enough reason to stay. Their menu is intentional, short, and so filling. I got the French toast (ya, the ones up there), buttery would be too short of a descriptor. Although they don’t have a bottomless option, we got creative and had our waiter indulge my messy friends and I. For the same price of a bottomless we got 4 bottles of prosecco and 3 flutes of peach puree and made our own bellini cocktails.
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    Pearls 🍸

    • Fair warning, the drinks are s.t.r.o.n.g. I recommend at least 3 to a pitcher. That’s all I have to say about that. This Caribbean restaurant, located between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, reminds me of why I love going out to eat. The place is colorful, filled with music, and has a great backyard for the summertime. Their saltfish, plantains, bate and shark sandwiches…just do yourself a favor and drop by for at least one of their dishes.
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    Café Erzulie 🍔

    • My friend and I found Erzulie by accident. We were exploring Brooklyn when we saw this plant shop and walked in. Turns out this plant shop storefront was hiding an entire café, bar, restaurant in the back. During the day they offer amazing home-cooked Haitian dishes like stuffed plantains, pâtés, and their special tacos. During the night, they bring out their happy hour and DJ and turn the café into a sort of club. You can have your Dancehall, Afrobeats, R&B, and hip-hop with a side of Haitian eats without even having to leave.
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    Sweet Chick 🍳

    • I first tried Sweet Chick when I was in London, didn’t realize until this summer how global they were. A tried and tested venue you can’t get wrong. Near the Park Slope neighborhood, the New York Sweet Chick location offers a pretty heavy menu. With waffles, burritos, steaks, and grits, there’s something sweet and savory for everyone. And although their cocktails are a bit pricey, I didn’t find I needed more than one drink here. So, if you’re looking for something a little less local and a little more chain, you could do much worse for brunch in Brooklyn.
Restaurants with open backyards are elite summer vibes

Whether it’s a Sunday brunch in Brooklyn, NY or a catch-up beer in a pub in London, food is universal. It helps us create and maintain bonds, and it has helped me make more memories than I can count.

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