The Best Carry-On Bags Under $50 | Summer 2018

A carry-on can make or break a trip. But, literally…

I had an experience where an airline attendant told me that she had to “check” my bag because it was a bit bigger than the average carry-on. Although my usual reaction is to get annoyed, the smell of her floral fragrance tricked me into questioning where she bought her scent rather than fighting to keep my bag on board. Yep, this has happened to me.

Or, I was once running through an airport in London when the strap of my bookbag broke. Besides my bookbag breaking, I also realized that I went to the wrong airport. Who the heck named the airports Stansted and Southend? Y’all couldn’t have tried to differentiate them a tiny bit more?

Yes, I’m still bitter.

My personal problems are beside the point! But don’t find yourself in the messy (preventable) travel situations that I’ve dealt with.

After having a lengthy Whatapp convo with Damon and Jo, here are a few of our favorite carry-on/travel bags:

Cabin Max Metz Bookbag


This bag is for those who have a frequent mini panic attacks because they aren’t sure if their carry-on will fit onto the plane. Tip #1, if your bag doesn’t have wheels, then it’ll probably be approved.

It’s been a year since I’ve gone wheel-less, and I haven’t had any problems with cranky flight attendants since. I mainly made this transition, because I realized that the airline crew would always call out those with wheels over those who had duffle bags or bookbags. So just play it safe, and sport a bookbag like this. ($48.99)

Ugloo Canvas Bag

Most people think that I travel in “style.” The reality is that I have one cute bag that I bring everywhere. So if style equals cheap, then so be it!  I’m a fan of bags like these because you can very easily rest the handles in your inner arm or in your hand. Or if you’re running to catch a flight, and $h!t is about to get real, you can rest it on your shoulder. Versatile much? ($37.99)

Wasing Hiking Backpack

This backpack is a must — especially if you’re a hiker or an outdoorsy person. The worst thing is rollin’ up to a campsite with your designer duffle and a tote. Firstly, your bags will get dirty. Secondly, who wants to carry two dang bags? Nature travel is all about condensing. ($49.99)

Black Dragon Anti-Theft 2.0

When you’re on the go, you don’t want to have to think about pickpockets and other petty theft. Yes, it still breaks my heart that Barcelona is considered to be one of the pickpocket capitals of the world. Do better…do better.

Regardless, the stats shouldn’t stop you from traveling. If anything, just step your bag game up.

This is Jo’s favorite bag because it allows her to explore without a care in the world. Price-wise, this bag is an exception because it doesn’t meet the $50 mark… but it is so damn good that we just couldn’t afford to not put it on the list. If you’re ready to splurge a bit, give this bag a chance – you won’t regret it.

P.S. get 30% off of this bookbag with the code: HIGHSPIRIT17 (Using this code should get the price down to around $75)

Here are a few other bags that we like:

This one is for all of the tote lovers. ($35.99)

We hear stripes are making a return for the fall season ($41.99)

Where are my floral queens at? ($29.99)

What are your favorite carry-on/weekend bags?


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