Becoming Fluent in Italian in Sorrento


If I didn’t already love Italy, my week living and studying Italian in Sorrento definitely got me to the “sono inamorata” (translation: I’m in love) category.

I had spent one week living and studying in Rome for both my soul, and my brain; I finally wanted to tackle the romance language that had always been on my mind. After one week in DILIT, I definitely learned enough to take me up to an intermediate level of Italian just in time for another placement test in Sorrento.

I was greeted by an amazing host family:

italian host family in sorrento

I arrived on a Sunday night to my adorable host family, placed by Apple Languages. At around 9:00 PM, I was sitting in a very Italian kitchen table, with my new “host zia and zio;” they were so incredibly hip that they couldn’t bare to be called “host mom/dad.”

They asked about my world, my job, my plans for the week in Sorrento, all of course, in Italian. When I stumbled on words, they would giggle in a way only family can, and teach me the right way to say them with a huge smile on their faces.

Perks of a host family: you learn a million times faster if you take advantage of the opportunity.

Then school begins:

The first day of school comes around, and I take a 25 minute walk towards Old Sorrento. When I tell you I was zen every single morning because of this walk, you better believe me. Within the first ten minutes I would see the local hustle and bustle of Sorrento; I would pass lemon trees, and smile at locals sipping tiny cups of espresso while people watching. Then I hit this wall of water; it was so magnificent and majestic that it made my jaw drop every single day.

sorrento italy views

beautiful sorrento views

And these were just the views I saw from the walk to school every single morning.

Tucked away on the side of a cobblestone street was Sorrento Lingue; my new Italian school. The entrance was just as grand as the walk over, and the energy was positive and productive.

learning italian in italy

sorrento language school

The building screamed “you will learn inside these walls,” as did the hallways and classrooms. Apparently, the building had been home to a convent back in the day, later turning into a language institution, and now, Sorrento Lingue.

sorrento italy views

Can we take a moment of silence for the majestic view from the student lounge?

Ok, back to the blog:

My classmates were all part of the 50+ group, which added to my experience; I wouldn’t just be learning Italian, but I would be learning from my classmates’ life experiences. I immediately bonded with them over the struggles of using “ci” and “ne” in Italian. As usual, all of the students were from different sides of the world connected for the shared love of learning a language.

classmates in sorrento learning italian

learning italian in italy

During the week we took excursions to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius; I’m always amazed at the fact you can ACTUALLY see and experience the things you learn in textbooks from ancient times; all the more reason to shut up and go!

climbing up mount vesuvius

pompeii tour

We all signed up for the cooking class and learned how to make delicious homemade gnocchi, stuffed chicken, and tiramisu; all with Italian instructions from a dynamic Napoletana chef.

cooking class in italy

cooking class in italy

cooking class in sorrento

making gnocchi in italy

And then of course, we all focused for four hours each day for two lessons in Italian; first grammar, then speaking. The last day already had me feeling fluent; it was exactly the level of intensity I needed to stop stuttering and start speaking.

The bottom line is:

Sorrento was that place that allowed me to zone into the language more than ever before; there were less distractions, I had more practice due to my adorable host family turned lifelong friends, and the slower pace of the town made speaking to locals less intimidating.

If you’re looking for a beachside town to study with quality teachers, and jaw dropping panoramic views, Sorrento might be the place for you.

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