Bad Travel Photos: Marseille


If you look through any of our hard drives, you’ll find plenty of embarrassing photos that would make it nowhere close to any of our Instagram feeds. Zero. None. NONE. And these photos, although hilarious, are really just a series of unfortunate events because after our entire train trip throughout Europe in the summer of 2015, the Calanques of Marseille was one of the highlights. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, and not-so-beautiful selfies.

So, the next time you take 500 selfies and they all come out bad, just refresh this page. We feel you. Here’s round three of some bad travel photos on the road.

What was the point of this again…

I really don’t know

Professional hair styling, please inquire within

Me 24 hours of the day

Same Jo, same

This man hated us, but secretly loved us at the same time

Getting all the good angles

Best selfie of 2014

American supermodels


It’s time to stop

Which was your favorite bad travel photo from Marseille?

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