Bad Travel Photos: Italy


It’s 2017 and everyone is striving for the best photo, but what happens when you have two non-professionals doing a job where you should know everything about a camera, angles, and lighting to capture the beautiful sights you see? You get DamonAndJo. You get a choppy panoramic photo while passing the breathtaking Amalfi coast. You get an off-center aerial shot of the best Italian pizza of your life. You get an anything-but-flattering selfie at high noon.
But now what can we do besides laugh? We can laugh at ourselves…with all of you.
Before we start, let me just say that the deeper I get into clearing out this hard drive from two years ago, I can assure you of one thing:

we’re just getting started.

That time I was apparently so passive aggressive

bad travel photos italy

That time we didn’t capture the beauty of the crystal clear Mediterranean seas

bad travel photos italy 2

That time Jo was pissed to be in paradise

bad travel photos italy 3

That time we didn’t know how to focus or fix lighting
bad travel photos italy 5

That time we thought this needed an aerial shot

bad travel photos italy 5

That time I just couldn’t handle any more beauty

bad travel photos italy 6

That time Jo was overly excited to see the camera

bad travel photos italy 7

That time we apparently couldn’t open our eyes

bad travel photos italy 8

That time we looked like we were spooning at Cinque Terre

bad travel photos italy 9
Ok, this was way more fun than I expected and there are plenty more where that came from.

Which was your favorite bad travel photo from Italy?

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