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My horoscope just told me that I’m making my way into a landmark month of my year. I believe it, because my August was the best August I’ve ever had…ever. I’ve become an addict of a new vegetable (is it really a vegetable though?), some hygiene products that’ll I’ll now forever use, and some new apps on my phone that take up 76% of my time every day. It’s time to share them with you, in my Favorites from August 2016:

Avocado Smoothies

avocado smoothies rule the world
I know I can’t Amazon Link this one up, but it’s not about that. Avocado smoothies sound pretty gross, I know, but they’re so thick and creamy without an overwhelming taste like raspberry. This is why I’ve had an avocado smoothie three days in a row – I was about to go on four, until the NYC bodega changed the price $1.50 on me (of course I argued back and caused a scene). Seriously, try one…and don’t let feisty New York City bodegas intimidate you.


Jenny Lin's hair and makeup wisp bag in Austin

The best thing since dental floss, which we should all just stop acting like we use when we visit our dentists. Ok, totally said that just to be relatable – cuz I’m sorry y’all, but I love a good flossing. Then I was introduced to WISPS from my girl Jenny Lin in Austin. They’re like little toothbrushes with mint on them, that you do not need to rinse. Had one of those mornings where you left your house while eating breakfast, resulting in day-long bad breath? WISPS. Just drink a coffee and a stinky five-layer burrito and have to go act all fresh, when you know you’re not? WISPS. The key to oral hygiene when you don’t feel like brushing your teeth? WISPS.

Link | Wisps


img_6406 img_6405 img_6404img_6403

Remember YahooAnswers from the mid-2000s? Quora is the modern day YahooAnswers with less lame questions and more thought-provoking prompts that people upvote and downvote for the best or most interesting answers. You follow different topics to curate the most interesting content, so of course for me, it’s Travel, Foreign Languages, Big Cities, Philosophy, etc. It’s become my favorite thing to read on airplanes or on subways – because every time I log on, I get something from it. I’ve had questions ranging from “What’s the creepiest thing a child ever said to you?” or “Are dolphins really as smart as humans?” or “What is déjà vu?” Some answers have you laughing while most have you questioning the meaning of life and/or slowly crying as you read more and more.

Link | Quora

Weleda Lavender After Shave

My obsession with lavender started last year when we moved into our musty a$$ apartment. Lavender was clean, fresh, and became my most common purchase at the supermarket down the street. Now I buy lavender everything – soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and after-shave. Now it’s true I’ve never used any other after-shave (does this baby face look like it needs to buy after-shave on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis?), but if you’re looking for a smooth scent and smooth chin skin (lol), go for this after shave.

Link | Weleda Lavender


montreal verdun
When VSCO cam isn’t enough for the 327 filters on one photo, you then put it into Afterlight. I admit, I found this app after watching YouTube videos about how to improve your Instagram theme (if you’re into all that). It’s not a free app, but you can totally turn a modern-day 2016 iPhone photo in a photo that looks like it’s straight from 1998. Cuz that’s the point of modern-day photography, right?  No, but in all honesty, if you’re missing that nostalgic look to your crystal-clear photos, you can add multiple dust filters, as well as instant photography filters to achieve the look you’re going for. You can totally use this app for other things btw, but this is just what I use the app for.

Link | Afterlight

What were some things you discovered this month that I/We/Other Readers should look into?

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