An Unexpected Adéu: A Barcelona Photo Diary



Look – I’m bored of talking about it now, but he who cannot be named (cause you to know this damn Virus is probs a white tory man/Voldemort) has shaken our lives in more ways than one.

Schools have shut, universities are now online, most flights CANCELLED, work temporarily suspended, rent struggles and even worse (!) people are getting seriously affected by this infectious lil’ sh*t.   Sooooo, I guess it’s hard to avoid.

A beautiful Barcelona rooftop view!

For me, I was living in Barcelona, teaching and getting ready for my last few months in Spain and suddenly – nationwide lockdown. Flights to and from England were getting turned around and apparently the police were stopping people from leaving their towns. After 4 days in a weird situational-comedy-style quarantine with my host family who barely spoke English, I made the tricky choice of leaving while I still could. Most of the friends I’d made had left the city well before that and it felt like the most unexpected bye-bye, only, I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone.

For sure, no one knows what’s happening. Maybe it will all blow over soon as, but I was back in the UK for 5 days before Boris just demanded a lockdown here too!


Like I said at the beginning, I don’t even want to talk about this. There’s enough coverage already.

Instead, I thought I’d talk about my best hits in Barcelona and Co all the way up to the unexpected in photo diary form.

From September – March, it wasn’t always a dream but I made the loveliest of friends, cherished memories and had a whole load of L’s. But really, this whole crazzzy time has forced me to learn a really important lesson: that you never know when something will end. I thought I had 3 months left in Spain and for sure put some things off, left some words unsaid, ignored a few texts from potential loves and now I feel silly – not regretful, just a lil’ silly that I did that. Luckily, I have had a wild ride that makes up for not going to the beach town I wanted to visit, and not replying to an inevitable F*ck boy, but still, the lesson still stands.

Go on the trips you want to, get silly drunk, eat all the Spanish omelette you can! (when we’re outta this lockdown phase !!!!)

Imagine a really dramatic ABBA song like ‘When All Is Said Is Done’ is playing —

September 2019 - The first week I got to Spain, I went to a rural house with my host family and their friends: picked mushrooms (not that kind) and helped to make traditional Catalonian food - Escalivada. Meet my beautiful host mamma, Miriea.
Boozy beach days at Castelldefells with new amigas (we asked a really fit guy to take our photo and he asked for our numbers...)
Went olive picking for olive oil with my host family and the grandparents - how Romeo and Juliet?! PS. the oil was... unbelievable!
Went to Barca Jazz Festival to see the BEST GUY EVER - CIMAFUNK. Managed to get ourselves onto the stage and danced for thousands of people... badly?
A girly trip to Mataro which included getting sneaked into a club, then getting kicked out because we didn't have a ticket.
Visited a very popular BRITSABROAD destination in Spain called Lloret De Mar. It got unbelievably messy. My friend (not the one in the picture) met a guy... went back to his, borrowed his jumper to get home the next day (with his permission) and realised she left her favourite top at his, asked for it back and he said NO! She explained.. mm I have your jumper don't you want it back? and he didn't... She never got her top back again :(
Fun times with lovely friends and this random Spanish (or was he Irish?) guy!
Friends from London visited me in Barcelona and I got too drunk on a school night and fell in love with the bouncer at the bar (miss you Sergio)
Went to the cinema to see 'Knives Out' or ' Puñales Por La Espalda' for a wholesome night... On the way home, we passed a popular Barcelona Museum that all the young people of the city drank by, missed the last train. Didn't get home till 7am.
Me absolutely loving life using our airbnb's quirky hand knocker - then realised that our airbnb was actually next door.
This image contains product placement...
Giggles in Valencia as we realised our CABIFY was outside and no one had any cash (!)
Carnaval in Stiges drinking bottles of wine by the seaside - pure class.
Unknowingly last night/last picture of my friends on the rocks at Barceloneta 3 weeks ago.
March 2020 - first day of lockdown with my new gorgeous host mum (Maria-Angeles) looking at the empty street - I left 3 days later but didn't know this when I was taking this.

There you have it: my Barcelona best hits, the subidas y bajadas!

*Loads of love to everyone in these surprising, challenging times. Remember that not every day has to be as productive as what we’re used to normally, despite what insta is pushing at the min. Sleep in, watch a movie, catch up with mates. If you don’t do anything particularly spectacular, that’s all okay. No one is watching you for once – just exist. Live day by day and look forward to more fun days as seen above to come!

Whether inside or outside, offline or online, at home or on the other side of the globe – we’ll be back, and better.

Adéu for now Barcelona!


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