All The Beautiful Photos We Took In Italy


It’s now been two weeks since our magical train trip on the Venice Simplon Orient Express through Europe (the fact that we can even write those words is still unbelievable) and we’re still not done talking about it.
When we received an email from 20th Century Fox inviting us on the trip to promote the upcoming release of the classic murder mystery, The Murder on the Orient Express, I don’t think we let more than ten seconds go by before replying a very eager:


Let’s walk through this email step-by-step.
Do we want to go to Europe?
Do we want to go to Europe and take a train?
Do we want to go to Europe and take a train and promote a movie?
And so three days later, we boarded a flight to Venice our flight out of LAX was delayed, which caused us to miss our connection in New York, so in order to avoid all of that, we were rebooked through Rome, which then caused the airline to get all kinds of confused and consequently lose our bags that contained all of our 1930-themed outfits. Maybe this was the beginning of its own movie?
Fortunately, it all worked out (happy ending of our movie) and we spent two nights in Venice, one night on the most luxurious train we’ll ever see in our lives, three hours in Paris, and one night in London. And we’ve got the pictures to prove it (and obsessively look back at in nostalgia).
Stay beautiful, Italy.

For more about the classic murder mystery film in theaters this November, watch the trailer, Murder on the Orient Express, or visit the site,

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