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Advice to the 13 Year Old Me

Most people write letters to their future selves to keep track of goals they want to accomplish, or to laugh about how pathetic their tiny worries were in that moment, or just to feel as though they have a friend in themselves by writing a letter that will arrive at a later date. Time capsule letters are all the rage and as an appreciator of sending a bit of your past into your future, I started thinking about the possibility of sending a little wisdom from the future to the past. If my 13 year old self were to get much needed advice from older, wiser, more white-haired Jo, it would look a little somethin’ like this: 

Let your curly hair get as big as possible; a little frizz never hurt anyone, unless it’s raining and you get caught in other people’s umbrellas

Let your light shine just as bright and big as your uncontrollable hair

Don’t let people try to dim that light for any reason

Your dark circles will never go away, let it go

Your AIM name, BabyBugJazz will not live past 2008, neither will AIM for that matter, enjoy getting creative with those away messages while you can

Do not, I repeat, do not shave your legs every single day unless you want to look like Chewbacca by 18

Run to clear your mind, run to appreciate your physical body, run often

Learn the definition of tenacity and start applying it to everything you do

You’re still going to hate flying in airplanes ten years from now, deal with it

Understand digital media, YouTube will be paying your rent in a few years

Don’t overwax your eyebrows, they’re fine how they are

Also, stripless wax is the business

You won’t use your college degree, you’ll be burried in debt, and the world will still go round

What college will be good for is making connections, so start learning how to schmooze

Skip class (moderately) because it won’t matter in the end, you’ll learn almost everything you know outside of the classroom

Moments don’t last forever, but you can’t change it, so enjoy all the good moments and create your own forever within each one

Pull your shoulders back, and stop stomping your damn feet, you’ll end up having back and neck problems before the age of 25

Those boys you have a crush on that ignore you, they’ll want you in a few years and you’ll be turnin’ the other cheek

Even though you don’t think your skin color is an issue, other people will. Be proud of who you are and let it show despite their illness

If you’re worried about cellulite and stretch marks now, in a few years you’ll laugh at how dumb you sounded

Enjoy not having debt until the bitter end

If you lose some money know that it’s not the end of the world, you can always make more

If someone copies your work, have no fear, you’ll come up with even greater ideas. And trust me, it will happen

Don’t you dare stop creating, writing, speaking, learning, and exercising your brain, even when you feel helpless and crappy

When you’re stressed, have more fun

Drink water and wear sunscreen damnit

Painting your nails every single day isn’t helping anyone

Start loving getting lost, those are the unique times you’ll be present

Don’t stop learning how to play instruments, music is one of the few things that connect you to something greater

Things will never be easy, you’ll always have to work harder and smarter than your peers, and that’s ok, it creates more of a triumph throughout the journey

Make time to grow a relationship with yourself

Don’t stop writing in your journals, think of all the novels you’ll have written by the time you’re 80

Cutting out toxic people from your life will make the world of a difference

Don’t join cliques, I know you don’t want to, but just in case you ever consider it, don’t

Be curious, ask questions about everything

Zodiac signs are not the only defining factor in someone’s personality, don’t assuming things about people; make educated estimates

Always thank those who have given you food, and shelter. Thanks mommy!

Say I love you to your family members as often as you can, and mean it

If you focus on the past, and the future, you can’t possibly appreciate the present

Know that happiness is the only thing worth fighting for

If you were to send yourself a “letter to your 13 year old self” what advice would you give your little you? Comment below!

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