3 Ways to Have an Adventure without Getting on a Plane

In most of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s that time of year again – yep, that time year when it’s so damn cold that you sort of just want to drop everything that you’re doing and go feel your booty on some warm sand. For university students, spring break ain’t for another 7 weeks, so that’s probably not going to happen. And for the “working professional,” your boss might look at you like you’ve been streaming too many damn Parts Unknown episodes. Well, I can’t really propose much to get rid of the cold… maybe buy some extra blankets and space heaters? BUT, I can give you the lowdown on easy ways to travel without getting on a plane

Photo by Iben Kønig on Unsplash

Hint hint: just look for cultural events, duh!

Your Local Alliance Française

As a French major, the Alliance Française was my best friend in college. Every week, they’d hold events around all things francophone.

Movies, French language exchanges, and most importantly, le free french FOOD. Shooooooot, livin’ that broke student life ain’t no joke, so if there’s free food, best believe I am there. For all of the little Francophiles who can’t make it to Montréal or Guadeloupe, there’s probably an Alliance Française right around the corner from you.


For most of the Shut Up and Go team, one of the best parts of traveling is trying new drinks and cuisines… but let’s be honest, more so drinks – COMPANY PAAARTY! So, when Jo Franco texted me about her wine tasting extravaganza in So. Cal, I quickly thought “Oh, that’s cute. It’s probably a Napa wine tour.” Nuh-uh, it was a wine tasting with flavors from all around the world. So, she basically traveled to South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Chile with each sip within an hour. Okay – I’m officially jealous.

I’m usually in my own little bubble, so I always leave it to her to keep me up to date, hip, and cultured. She booked her experience with Goldstar, which is a live entertainment ticket company. And yes, watching as the Shut Up and Go team gets wine drunk is, indeed, live entertainment.

Check out our IG for a chance to win a $50 credit to use on any Goldstar event.

That New Exhibition at (Insert Your Local Museum)

I’ve been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a month now. Although it’s lovely, it’s the middle of the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and I’m feeling a type of heat that my body has never experienced before.

Because I’ve been sweating in places that I didn’t even know existed, I’ve become the master of finding dope events… but inside with some A.C. My go-to has been checking out museums and unintentionally traveling with the exhibits. Last week, when I went to MALBA, I somehow found myself in Rio De Janeiro in 1943. Then I was in the middle of the Cuban Revolution in ‘59. Then I ended up in Pablo Suarez’s work studio in ‘83 in Buenos Aires with his grotesque sexual sculptures.

The latter was rather bizarre, but hey, I [time] traveled.

Most cities and towns have a space to showcase art. Whether it’s a museum, local art house, or hey, a coffee house that displays art, JUST GO! Besides drinks and food, traveling is about learning. When you’re exploring exhibits, especially international ones, you’re learning and traveling – a double whammy!


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Obviously, this list can go on and on for ages, but its main purpose is to get you inspired to explore what’s around you. You don’t need to max out your credit card on a trip to Turkey to have an adventure. Damn, although I’d love to go to Turkey, wrapping my hands around Turkish coffee will have to do until I can finally get there.

You’ve got this – find a way to make it work, boo!


Nasir <3

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