We are Shut Up And Go

Let’s work backwards. You’re 82, rocking back and forth on a rocking chair. What do you want to remember?

How about that time you took a midnight express train through the snowy Swiss Alps? Or that time you were rejected from an elite Berlin club? What about the time you knocked on a stranger’s door and became the new addition to an Italian host family? You might even laugh at the memory of having fallen in love with a French Prince Charming off one right swipe.

How do we know these stories are 100% possible? Because these are the stories you’ll find on this site. We’ve lived all of them, and you can too. Shut up and go.

  • Our philosophy

    The world is more global than ever, so why shouldn’t your content be? We’re your go-to platform for real, funny, moving, and inspirational stories told by diverse voices from around the world, because we all have a story to tell.

  • Our spirit

    Like everything else we love, our spirit is completely free. We encourage people to live the lives they’ve always wanted because in the end, the only person holding you back is yourself.

The Founders

Damon & Jo

Damon Dominique and Joanna (Jo) Franco are international badasses who have traveled the world, both together and separately, for the last decade while maintaining a popular YouTube channel, blog, and now global media platform, Shut Up and Go.

The duo spearheads the movement of living an alternative and international lifestyle and has cultivated a community of nearly 2M+ social media subscribers who know there’s more to experience in life than just living out the status quo.

  • What made you want to start traveling?

    The only escape from Indiana was through the TV, so I'm not even joking when I say it was The Real World being in a new city every season that made me want to travel.

    I grew up between cultures, so instead of trying to pick one, why not try them all?

  • Your biggest travel pet peeve?

    A close-tie between unhelpful airport employees and a pain in my right ear every time the airplane starts the descent.

    Military time throwing me off and people responding in English after I perfectly worded something in their language.

  • Something you do on every trip?

    Act like I don't know where I am going, just to start a conversation with a stranger.

    Give everyone more eye contact than usual, not purposely, but because I’m usually lost. It always results in a good conversation with a stranger.

  • Where can we find you abroad:

    The corner booth of a Parisian café, slight tension between me and the French server, with a French poetry book I pretend to understand.

    Sipping a glass of wine in an Italian bistro, reading a book in Italian, while contemplating getting a tiramisu.

  • Your go-to pick up line abroad?

    "What do you tend to spend your time in ____? Oh, you'll have to take me there."

    "If we can't understand each other, maybe we should just use body language."

The Staff


Meet our witty and well-worded global contributors coming all the way from P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney to Paris, France, and everything in between. The point is we’re an international, multi-lingual, and sexy bunch. Get to know us.

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Our mantra:

When you’re 80 years old, what will matter most is not the latest iPhone you bought, how much you’d stacked your résumé, or how many followers you had on social media. What will matter most is the $100 you spent on a trip to Montréal and became best friends with the twerking performer on the train.

It’s time to shut up and go.

Damon & Jo
  • THE FRIENDS WITH THE SHUT UP AND GO TATTOOS! 🗯 We just did an interview with @gulnaazj & @cocaine.pepe who are two friends with a dream, two backpacks, and some fresh ink! We discuss how they met, the story behind their Shut Up and Go tattoos, and some inspo for people who want to SHUT UP AND GO! 🚁 We seriously have one of the best communities of travelers. Y’all are too damn cool! 👏👏👏 ⛵️ Read the article on the front page of www.shutupandgo.travel #shutupandgo
  • RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU’RE LEARNING PORTUGUESE! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🤚 An important word for every Portuguese learner. 🇧🇷 BUNDA (noun); Booty. And in Brazil, they’ve got a lot of it.
  • CURRENT MOOD! 🤚 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ 🚨 Honestly, we only want to go to school if it’s time to study abroad! 😂
  • As travelers, we focus so much on learning about other cultures. Don’t get us wrong, that’s absolutely amazing and necessary! But it’s also important to remember to take the time to learn more about the cultures of our own families or ancestors, and to be proud of them! We live in a world that is becoming more and more homogenous - more alike - but we’ve gotta stay true to what makes us special! Thanks for sharing your story, @rvphchang! 🇭🇹 #shutupandgo
  • TAG YOUR FELLOW CHEAP AF TRAVEL BUDDY! ☀️ There’s NOTHING wrong with it. We’re still eating $2 mushroom soups AND ramen with crumbled potato chips. Do what you’ve gotta do to afford to travel! #shutupandgo
  • Yep - that’s the post. That’s it, because the importance and simplicity of happiness are things we should celebrate way more often! 😃🎈#shutupandgo
  • FREE TRIP ALERT 🚨 : We're hosting a back to school scholarship contest alongside Apple Languages to get you fluent in your favorite languages!⁠ 😻⁠ In order to enter, contestants must post a photo or collage of photos answering the questions below, tagging @shutupandgo and @applelanguages (make sure to follow both pages too - we'll be checking)!⁠ 👏⁠ What does Shut Up and Go mean to you? And why do you want to win a study abroad experience? 💭 The winner will be selected on the following criteria:⁠ - visual composition⁠ - talking points⁠ - personality ⁠ - passion⁠ 🛩️⁠ Winners will get a two-week Spanish course in Seville or Valencia OR a two-week French class in Montpellier sponsored by Apple Languages. $400 worth of free travel and language experiences for FREE! 🤩🤩🤩 MUST BE 18+ TO ENTER // DEADLINE TO ENTER IS AUGUST 21st! 🚨🚨🚨 For more information, visit www.applelanguages.com. #shutupandgo⁠
  • DROP SOME HEARTS 💞💛💕 IF YOU EASILY FALL IN LOVE WITH COUNTRIES!⁠ 🛥️⁠ There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a lover of most places you visit. But really though, that's how we are over here at Shut Up and Go. Every single country has something special and vibrant about it, which makes it impossible not to fantasize about the place when you leave! Whether it be the language, culture, a newly-found love interest, OR WHATEVER - you loving a place simply means that you had a fun a$$ time, and there's nothing wrong with that!
  • EVERYTHING IS NOT ALWAYS AS IT SEEMS! 🇹🇷 "So, how is it actually to be gay in Turkey?⁠ 🇹🇷⁠ So first, let’s start with the government. Same-sex activity has been legal in Turkey since the days of the Ottoman Empire. That’s one point I guess. However, if you are gay and a bottom (wtf?) you cannot serve in the military. I’m not kidding when I say that you need to fork over “evidence” that you are the passive partner (could be a sex tape, could be just some pornographic photos), the government hands you a bright pink slip exempting you from service, and “Congrats!” the Turkish government now officially knows way too much about you and possesses some pretty severe blackmail material. 🛥️⁠ I started my Turkey trip in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey and even the largest city in all of Europe. Due to this, it’s pretty cosmopolitan and forward-thinking compared to most of the country. There are multiple vibrant gay bars and clubs around Taksim Square, but even in straight nightlife, nobody seems to care if you are gay. I mean, I saw it for myself… and then Ayaz confirmed it. I’ve received numerous colorful comments in Italy while in straight spaces, but nothing in Turkey.⁠ 🌲⁠ In my normal day-to-day exploring around Turkey, I did not have any issues at all being gay. Like – at all. In Istanbul, nobody cared. In Izmir, nobody cared. In Antalya, nobody cared. If anything, people were supportive. It’s not like I was running around with a rainbow flag or anything, but if someone asks if I have a girlfriend (and they’re of a younger generation) well, I’m not gonna make up some story. Plus I low-key might have met someone in Izmir… but that’s another story for another time! I’ve just realized that, in many areas of Western Turkey, it was not really an issue. Again, this is mostly from my personal experience as a traveler. I’m sure people who actually live here have seen many issues that I have not and deal with more problems on a rights standpoint that make living here a bit more complicated." - @mike.antonio ⁠⠀
  • After the @shutupandgo event, we were so damn hungry, so we started driving toward Popeyes. On the way, our cameraman took a photo of a gas station. There was a man who was getting gas, who didn’t like that he took a photo that happened to have him in it. The man gets in his car, and drives over to us in the Popeyes parking lot. Skurrrrrrrt. 😅 He stops maybe 20 centimeters from my kneecaps. He gets out of the car…and starts insulting us in some sort of Jamaican patois, yelling “PU$$YCLOT PU$$YCLOT!” I’m over there like, oh no, this man’s about to pull out a gun from his car and kill us all. We start running like we’re in a high-speed chase, as he follows us in his car. 😅 Finally we arrive safe and sound at the apartment, where I say to myself, “Damn.” I almost just died for fast food. If that ain’t love… 😅 💭 Have you ever had any close calls like this? #shutupandgo
  • One of the most iconic scenes from "Mean Girls" is when Ms. Norbury says, "I'm a pusher. I push people." Well, on this fine Sunday, YOU need to be the pusher you want to be pushed by in this world! With a bit of passion and drive, anything is possible! 🗺 // @holdmelike
  • HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? 🚞 Despite all of the bad, here are a few things that aren't too bad about the tube: 🎵Lovely musicians. 👵The tube brings ALL sorts of people together. 💰The tube isn’t THAT expensive. £2.40 for transportation magic is just about worth it. 🔻The cute service announcements on the signs at the tube stations. 🚪Having doors open at the tap of the card is something else. 🤫The beauty of British silence gives you time to think. 🐕Cute dogs. 👠Stylish people! (Who’s outfit ideas you can steal..) 🌴Nice families on holiday trying to manage too many suitcases. 🌟If you think about it. It’s truly fascinating that all of this exists underground the real world.🌟 #shutupandgo // 🖼: @benno_brxwn