We are Shut Up And Go

Let’s work backwards. You’re 82, rocking back and forth on a rocking chair. What do you want to remember?

How about that time you took a midnight express train through the snowy Swiss Alps? Or that time you were rejected from an elite Berlin club? What about the time you knocked on a stranger’s door and became the new addition to an Italian host family? You might even laugh at the memory of having fallen in love with a French Prince Charming off one right swipe.

How do we know these stories are 100% possible? Because these are the stories you’ll find on this site. We’ve lived all of them, and you can too. Shut up and go.

  • Our philosophy

    The world is more global than ever, so why shouldn’t your content be? We’re your go-to platform for real, funny, moving, and inspirational stories told by diverse voices from around the world, because we all have a story to tell.

  • Our spirit

    Like everything else we love, our spirit is completely free. We encourage people to live the lives they’ve always wanted because in the end, the only person holding you back is yourself.

The Founders

Damon & Jo

Damon Dominique and Joanna (Jo) Franco are international badasses who have traveled the world, both together and separately, for the last decade while maintaining a popular YouTube channel, blog, and now global media platform, Shut Up and Go.

The duo spearheads the movement of living an alternative and international lifestyle and has cultivated a community of nearly 2M+ social media subscribers who know there’s more to experience in life than just living out the status quo.

  • What made you want to start traveling?

    The only escape from Indiana was through the TV, so I'm not even joking when I say it was The Real World being in a new city every season that made me want to travel.

    I grew up between cultures, so instead of trying to pick one, why not try them all?

  • Your biggest travel pet peeve?

    A close-tie between unhelpful airport employees and a pain in my right ear every time the airplane starts the descent.

    Military time throwing me off and people responding in English after I perfectly worded something in their language.

  • Something you do on every trip?

    Act like I don't know where I am going, just to start a conversation with a stranger.

    Give everyone more eye contact than usual, not purposely, but because I’m usually lost. It always results in a good conversation with a stranger.

  • Where can we find you abroad:

    The corner booth of a Parisian café, slight tension between me and the French server, with a French poetry book I pretend to understand.

    Sipping a glass of wine in an Italian bistro, reading a book in Italian, while contemplating getting a tiramisu.

  • Your go-to pick up line abroad?

    "What do you tend to spend your time in ____? Oh, you'll have to take me there."

    "If we can't understand each other, maybe we should just use body language."

The Staff


Meet our witty and well-worded global contributors coming all the way from P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney to Paris, France, and everything in between. The point is we’re an international, multi-lingual, and sexy bunch. Get to know us.

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Our mantra:

When you’re 80 years old, what will matter most is not the latest iPhone you bought, how much you’d stacked your résumé, or how many followers you had on social media. What will matter most is the $100 you spent on a trip to Montréal and became best friends with the twerking performer on the train.

It’s time to shut up and go.

Damon & Jo
  • Here’s a sneak peak of @king.kote’s new article about Tbilisi on our site: 🇬🇪 “It is cold for the first time this year. Whether it’s because it’s 5:30 a.m. or because September hit in full force, I am not sure. Me and T. stand on the corner. I lean against the lamppost, while she snaps a Polaroid of me. On the other side of the street, a group of people walks into the club we just left. A mix of grunge and fabulous, all beautiful and speaking a language I don’t know, they are preparing to spend the night in one of the best clubs in the world. We finally manage to whistle down a cab driver who agrees to drive us each home for 4 dollars. The windows are down and the cold air hits our faces.” 🇬🇪 Click the link in our bio to experience Tbilisi through the eyes of a Georgian (the country - NOT the state 😉) 🇬🇪 📸: @king.kote
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  • You deserve an interesting life. ✈️ 📸: @hey_ciara
  • HOME AIN’T ALWAYS A PLACE, IT CAN BE A FEELING! 👏✈️👏 • If you travel often or live that multi-continental life, feeling at ease can be tough sometimes! But just always remember what makes you feel cozy, and bring that with you during your adventures. • Also, check out shutupandgo.travel if you’re ever in your feelings or feelin’ some type of way. There is always someone who can relate. We’ve been updating y’all daily (even twice a day) with new blogs, articles, and good moments. COMMENT 🛸🛸🛸🛸 IF YOU LOVE THE NEW SITE. (Yes... intergalactic travel is our next gig.)
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  • This is exactly why we relaunched our site! ✈️ There’s finally a chill yet resourceful place devoted to young travelers and globally-minded folks. Emphasis on global. WE.GLOBAL.BABY! 🌎 ✈️ If you ever want to know where to eat, who to meet, who to be, where to twerk - we’ve gotchaaaa! Or if you’re trying to start your global nomad journey or figuring out where to study abroad, we’ve gotcha too. This ain’t nothing new... people have been doing it for ages, but we’re bringing it all to one place with voices from all over the world - your voices. ✈️ Enjoy this platform, because it’s YOUR platform. ✈️ Click that link in our bio 😉🔗 #shutupandgo ✈️ Comment below what you want to see on the site!