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A Thursday Night at the LA Art Walk


The words “Downtown LA” are enough to spark a reaction from any LA resident. It’s like half the city loves how it’s becoming the home base of LA’s emerging creative scene, whereas the other half remains hesitant about spending their evenings downtown where the reputation for years has been plagued by Skid Row. Understandable, I guess. My first time in LA, I remember visiting downtown and not seeing why everyone thought it was the next coolest place to be. But after a few trips of giving it a second and third chance, I saw why people loved the Arts District, Little Tokyo, Fig & 7th, Grand Park, and most recently, the Art Walk.
The second Thursday night of every month, Downtown LA hosts the “LA Art Walk” – a night of art-related events featuring over 25+ art galleries and studios open to the public, free concerts, and street vendors selling everything from nag champa to $10 wall art. To sum it up briefly, it’s pretty much a big, free party in the streets of downtown, specifically around Spring St. and Main St. between 4th and 6th. It’s perfect for the art-lover, the out-of-towner who thinks LA has “no culture,” or for anyone looking to do something different.
For me, as I mentioned in 45 Minutes at the LACMA, art is kind of my thing and at the same time kind of not my thing. #Conflicted. Do I get art? No. Do I think anyone really gets art? Again, no. But I do I still enjoy surrounding myself with beauty? Hell yeah – and I think that’s the point of art.
So as I sat at home earlier Thursday afternoon, stale from the LA heat that of course gets trapped in my apartment, I decided it’d be more worth my time to be complaining about sweating while outside doing something new, than at home literally sticking to my couch.
So out I went, and this is what I saw:

What are your thoughts on Downtown LA?

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