A Postcard from Sydney, Australia



I love postcards. The sleek and the tacky, the clean and the cheesy, the vintage and the holographic. I frequently write, send and hoard them, and today I’ve gone one step further and scanned one just for you. You lucky ducks!

Had this postcard been a little bigger, I’d have shared more of what I’ve been up to during my few weeks at home (I’m here to spend time with family and pick up my next visa.) So I guess I’ll just do it now!

Let’s see. I’ve been stopping randomly and often to simply smell the fresh Aussie air, eating lots of iconic snacks such as Twisties, Rainbow Paddle Pops and Furry Friends, partaking in nostalgic marathons of Blue Water High, petting my cat, eating at new restaurants with old friends, holding my family tight.

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be back in Paris. You might even get another postcard 😉

Until then,

Alyssa xx

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