A Postcard from Paris, mid-heatwave





I’ve written you from the white sands of Sydney and the rugged coastline of Kiama. Now, I’m express-posting a special note from my favourite place in the world – Paris! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sweating, chucking cups of orange juice in the freezer and calling it “gourmet dessert” and sneezing so much in quick succession I sound like a maraca.

But I love summer, and I hope this postcard makes you feel transported to an especially sticky one. If nothing else, please fall in love with the giant ginger cat on this postcard as much as I did. Less is never more.

Who is she?
Parc Montsouris, ft. some very dead grass.
The Chatime Cha Cha.
Staying as cool as Diana's stare.
You know you're in Paris when even the food wrappings are cute.

Till next time,

Alyssa xx

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