A Postcard from Kiama, Australia



If you haven’t read my first postcard from Sydney, start here!

You might remember me having mentioned that I would shortly be moving back to Paris. I did, in fact, return – Salut from the heatwave-ravaged city of lights! – but before stepping onto that plane a few weeks ago, I managed to squeeze in a little trip to the seaside with my parents.

Kiama is a coastal town on the New South Wales south coast, and it’s perhaps a little different from your stereotypical Aussie beach spot – not so surfer-centric and with less endless stretches of white sand and hot days (or at least not in the wintertime, when I always go.) But it’s got a chill, coastal community feel, plus the world’s largest blowhole (plumes of ocean water shooting up through caverns), an iCoNiC lighthouse, a cute Main Street dotted with old-fashioned ice creameries and candy stores, seaside footy fields, grassy picnic spots galore, and plenty of awe-inspiring coastal views to ponder. A little further down the coast, you can spot a whale or two, and heading a little further inland will lead you to quaint country towns.

Taking a break from indulging in fresh prawns and fizzy drink and getting ice cream with my dad, I wrote you a little something:

Keep an eye out for a postcard from Paris very soon. Until then, extra pics from my wintery ocean getaway! Bisous xx

The sun, the sea, and Mum and Dad.
Golden hour for prawns and pink fanta.
That tiny stick in the distance is my dad.
The regular order: chocolate and passion fruit.
*Plays 'Yellow' by Coldplay*

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