A Guide to the Most Entertaining Restaurants on the Gold Coast



The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia* is home to endless golden beaches, nightclubs, and wait for it – great food. Not only is the food above par, but the Gold Coast has some of the most entertaining and fun restaurants.

Another great thing is that the city caters to literally everyone. Gluten-free? Check. Lactose intolerant? Check. Vegan? Check. Super carnivore? Check. Don’t care? Check.

*Not to be confused with the Gold Coast in Chicago lol. Both places are boujee and share the same name.

So here are the Gold Coast’s best and most entertaining restaurants

1. House of Brews

One does not simply go to the Gold Coast without going to the House of Brews.  Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise and surrounded by night clubs and shops. The House of Brews has everything from live rock bands, an outdoor patio, and themed drinks.

Highlight: “The Platform 9 & 3/4” drink. Completed with a steaming cart crashing into a brick wall and a snitch.

Location: 17 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

My beautiful sister drinking "The Princess." She's single boys.
2. Little Mermaid – The Local

Literally a hidden gem. My friend and I found this place after getting lost and wandering for an hour (we both didn’t have data). Little Mermaid is located next to an old convenience store and a sex shop. Which I’m 99% sure is actually a brothel bc those are legal in Queensland. In case you were wondering? Idk your life.

So it’s truly a hidden gem!

Little Mermaid is beach themed and has swings, hammocks, cozy pillows, and friendly workers.

Highlight: The falafel burger on$15 burger/beer Thursday night.

Location: Corner of Sunbrite Ave 1/2557 Gold Coast Highway Mermaid Beach

3. Miami Marketta

It’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Open in the evening on Wednesday, Friday & Sat

Completed with live bands, international food stalls, and a “Gin Parlour” – all under bright colors and twinkling lights.

Highlight: Seoul Sisters street food

Location: 23 Hillcrest Parade Miami, Gold Coast

4. Brazilian Flame Bar and Grill

One of the spendier places on this list. But for a good reason – the flame bar is located in Surfers Paradise and right next to the beach. Most things come on a skewer and are served to you at the table. Yes, that includes freshly grilled pineapple.

The entertainment factor?

  1. There are Brazilian dancers
  2. There’s a wide variety of live music
  3. You’re right on The Esplanade and there’s ALWAYS something going on.

Highlight: The $49.95 all you can eat. Which is really more than you can eat.

Location: T2.04 Soul Boardwalk, 4 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise, 4217 – QLD

5. Justin Lane

Rooftop restaurant and bar right on my personal favorite beach, Burleigh Heads. Burleigh Heads has a more local feel, completed with paddleboarding spots, hiking, and plenty of surfboards for hire.

Come for the drool-worthy pasta bar, stay for the killer view. By that, I mean the ocean and the hot surfers lol.

Highlight: JUSTIN’s cheese plate

Location: Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Australia

Burleigh Heads Beach
6. Draculas

And finally – Dracula’s Cabaret show

Dracula’s opened in the Gold Coast in 1978. Whether you’re driving or taking the tram, the castle it’s in is impossible to miss from the highway. Going to Dracula’s is a full-on event. A ticket includes a haunted-house-Esq train ride, great food, harmlessly sassy workers, and funny performances.

Highlight: A blood cocktail literally in a blood bag.

Location: 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia

Honorable-dessert mention:

Doughnut Time

Okay, okay I love doughnuts, but this place is hands down amazing. Picked because the names of the doughnuts range from a caramel glazed doughnut called, “I Make Honey Moves” to a cookie dough doughnut called, “Ice Ice Bae Bae.”

My friends and I used to literally take the 30-minute tram ride just to go get these doughnuts. If you know, you know.

Highlight: the Liam Hemsworthy or its larger counterpart – the Chris Hemsworthy. Both GF and Vegan, which I’m neither of these things and I’m telling you its BOMB.

Location: James St, Burleigh Heads

Way too excited

My study-abroad university in the Gold Coast, Bond University called it “The Best 4 Months Bond.” But student visas are valid for a whole month after classes are over, so if you’re like me, it’s more like “the best 5 months.” With constant entertainment, whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, I can’t say they’re wrong.

What are some of your favorite themed restaurants? Got any favorites on the Gold Coast that I missed?

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