9 Game-Changing Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Buying gifts for travelers can be exhausting. Some of us are over-packers with a minimalist edge and some of us are hikers who love to wear heels – essentially, we’re a hot a$$ mess to buy gifts for.  No worries though, here are options for gifts that most travelers will actually use.


One thing that every single traveler needs (but neglects to get) is an anti-theft bag. Theft is one of those actions that the average person thinks they’re immune to until it actually happens. Save your friend a panic-attack and some money by getting them one of these bags.

P.S. In honor of our spirit of giving, we’re running a giveaway on the @shutupandgo Instagram for a week and gifting a lucky winner the gift of not getting pickpocketed. For everyone else, get 30% off of any bookbag with the code: HS30 



Most people who know me also know that I #stan water bottles. Although I always end up leaving them in my friends’ cars for a few days at a time, I am still thankful for them! Also, most airports now have water fountains for reusable bottles, so bye-bye to paying $6.00 for a plastic bottle with some cruddy water.

Get on the travel bottle wave, boo!


There is nothing worse than using a bathroom (number II) that is connected to a 10-dorm room in a hostel; the last thing you want is to smell up the entire room while people are sleeping. That’s exactly why I always carry some sort of air freshener when I stay at hostels. Booty stays smellin’ like roses. If you’re a good pal, you’ll gift one of these to your fellow traveler to save them from the social awkwardness of passing gas or using the bathroom in intimate spaces.


While at home, my phone barely lasts all day with one charge… let alone a few hours while I’m traveling and taking 30+ photos an hour. We all know it’s not always easy to find an outlet while in the forests of Costa Rica or the beaches in Barcelona, so portable chargers are the way to go.

Try gifting an experience!


If someone you know is taking a trip soon, you should check out experiences on Airbnb. They have a range of everything from:

wine tastings


coffee farm explorations


salsa classes


street art tours


 much more

If you or someone you know are all about minimalism, gifting an experience might be a game-changer for you. Like, who wouldn’t want a free tour through the Costa Rican rainforests?


Do I even need to explain this one? Just know that travel pillows can save lives.

Photo Cred: Jo Franco

Here are some more...

Alright – there you have it… a list of 9 things that I’d jump for joy if someone bought me. My email is nasir@shutupandgo.travel, if you wanted to gift me something for the holidays… just sayin’.

*partially joking*


Happy Holidays!

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