8 Quotes to Inspire You to Shut Up and Grow

Every now and then, we need that little extra ooomph to help us work through it all and grow. Whether you just dropped out of an elite music school’s piano program to explore the damn world OR you just left your boo-thang and need a quick reminder that you are, indeed, a bad bishhh, your experiences, wants, and needs are all valid. Here are 10 quotes to help you be true to you, regardless of your circumstances.

1) For when you just graduated college and are $50k in debt and think your life is over… just know that it ain’t.

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Quote of the day!✨

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2) For when you realize that most of your travels are spent wishing that you had a boo and it sort of overshadows your entire experience… then you begin to question if you like the idea of having a lover or if you’re a bit co-dependent. As a result, you go into a spiralling frenzy of insecurities because you can’t differentiate your personal wants from societal pressures. #StoryOfMyLife

3) For when you just got offered that job ($$$) all the way on the OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY, but you’re hesitant to leave what you know.

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We’re just sayin’ 🤷‍♀️✈️

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4) For when you’re trying to plan that trip you’ve wanted to go on for ages, but your friends aren’t pulling through.

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Good #SelfCareSunday inspo.

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5) For when people tell you that you’re doing “the most,” or that you’ll never excel because of your extravagant personality traits.

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6) For when your parents or family members want you to go into some boring a$$ field that you have absolutely no interest in.

7) For when you get entirely overwhelmed by all of the options that you have and you realize that one decision can define your future, so you freak out.

8) For when the haters try to play you by telling you to stop documenting your adventures.


I hope these quotes sparked a lil’ summin’ – summin’ inside of you. Now, go Shut Up and Grow over your morning coffee.

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